No smoking allowed

In the last 20 years it seems that smoking has been banned across the country in public places.

I remember a time when you could smoke anywhere.

How times have changed! I used to be a smoker myself, and when this first happened I was angry as ever. But now that I do not smoke anymore, I see the importance of this, and it is to save the air quality. When you have people smoking all over the place, even outdoors within a certain area, it kills the local air quality after a while. So believe me, I understand now. I certainly would not want my house filled with smoke as that would damage the indoor air quality. Even when I used to smoke I never smoked in my house. And again, it was because I wanted to retain half way decent air quality. Sure it was on my clothing, but that only partially harmed the indoor air quality. I eventually ended up buying a few portable air purification systems when I stopped smoking to clean the indoor air quality of all the smoke that got in through my clothing. And let me tell you, the portable air purification systems that I used really did the trick! I still use one of the portable air purification systems from time to time when the air quality outside isn’t doing to well. It helps keep my indoor air quality at bay. If you quit smoking recently, I would recommend getting a few portable air purification systems to clean that indoor air quality.

heating service

Not going for broke

Some people say I have a gambling issue.

This isn’t true in my opinion. I have not gone for broke as the expression says ever! I only go to casinos maybe twice a year, and while I am there if the temperature is not right with the central heating and air conditioning I do not even gamble one single penny on anything other than maybe a few slot machines! I find it difficult to get my game on so to speak when the heating or air conditioning isn’t right. And believe me, these casinos sometimes have issues with their central heating and air conditioning which makes me gamble that much less. When it gets really cold in the winter, if the casino even has the slightest chill I do nothing. Not only because I don’t like the feeling, but I feel it is bad luck if the temperature isn’t right. The only casinos I found to have perfect temperatures all of the time without fail are the bigger ones which have commercial heating and air conditioning. The smaller casinos only have standard central heating and air conditioning. Basically, the same type of heating and air conditioning that you will have on your own home. But when you have tons of people crowded in there, that is why the heat or air conditioning does not work to its most full power. The air does not have space to flow right! So to those who say I go for broke and have a gambling problem, they can stick it where the sun don’t shine! I only gamble in perfect heating and air conditioning, which is rare!


Quality air conditioning

Flying at night

I am not a big fan of flying or going on airplanes at all! However, in the event that I have to take a plane somewhere, I always make sure and catch what they call “the red eye” to wherever I am going. The reason for this is usually because it will be guaranteed to have less people on the plane for more space. And also, one of the main reasons I do this is because the central heating and air conditioning works better when there are not many people on the flight. Heating and air conditioning on planes during the day or regular hours to me has always been lousy. Partly because the air flow is very weak. But then you add the weak air flow on top of a packed plane, and it does not give much room for the heating or the air conditioning to properly circulate around. But when you have a less packed plane, that weak air flow of their weak central heating and air conditioning that they have can circulate just enough to give the perfect indoor comfort on that flight. The “red eye” is most appropriate for this. I have never felt bad with taking these after hours night flights to wherever. Never once have I had a complaint about the heating and air conditioning nor the degree of my indoor comfort. Also because of the minimal amount of people it is quiet, which makes it perfect for sleeping with the comfort of the quality heating or air conditioning that comes out of the little air vents that they usually have on board these planes.

hvac system

Always expect anything

They always say to be prepared for anything that may get thrown your way. And that is how I feel when it comes to my central heating and air conditioning system unit. This is why without fail I always make sure and keep up on seasonal HVAC tune ups! Getting an HVAC tune up is something that not everyone always thinks about. Many think that HVAC tune ups are a waste of money because they don’t do anything that is needed. Well, if you think that you are totally wrong. The reason for a good seasonal HVAC tune up is to see if there is any issues brewing in your central heating and air conditioning system that can not be seen until it’s too late and the HVAC unit breaks down. My seasonal and regular HVAC tune ups have saved me a lot of headaches and cash on a few different occasions. This is why I keep doing it every year and am more than happy to put out the few hundred bucks each time to have a certified heat and a/c specialist from the local heating and air conditioning company come over to my home and do the entire tune up and check up of my central heating and cooling system. They may or may not find anything wrong, but I would rather be safe than sorry and always be prepared for anything to happen. Being ahead of the game is the only way to win. And that is why i always win when it comes to my central heating and air conditioning system unit! I suggest anyone reading this out there to do the same!


gas fireplace

Happy to be talked into it

A friend of mine had been going on and on about me getting an electric fireplace for my home.

He kept saying that it would really compliment it well.

I was not so sure about this as first off, I didn’t think spending that kind of money on an electric fireplace was needed since I had perfectly working central heating with an HVAC system that had a really great SEER rating. The SEER rating was what is most important when selecting a heating and air conditioning system for your home. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient that it is. But with my friend non stop harping on me about getting an electric fireplace, I looked into it more and did some research on it. And I decided that maybe it would be a great thing. Not so much for the heating, but for the fact that it creates a great atmosphere. So I went ahead and made the large purchase and got my very own electric fireplace for my home. And I have to tell you that I am so glad that my friend talked me into getting one of these electric fireplaces. It makes relaxing after a long hard day at work in the winter time so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, when the holidays come, this will be a great thing to have around the house to enhance the holiday spirit since I do not have nor would I ever invest in a real authentic type fireplace. Most of the time, people regret being talked into making large purchases. But, I am super happy that I went ahead and did this!


boiler repair

More thankful now than before

When they say that you have much to be thankful for in life, they are right! A lot of times we take things for granted when things could have been a lot worse.

  • And this was the case when my central heating and air conditioning system unit broke down recently.

I had been freaking out thinking that the central heating and air conditioning system was totaled and that I was going to have to somehow come up with thousands of dollars to get the most brand new and up to date HVAC unit on the market. But after I called the local heating and cooling company to send out one of their certified heat and a/c specialists to evaluate the break down of my central heating and cooling system, I found out that it wasn’t as bad as I thought! It turned out that the fan of the HVAC unit had just worn out and needed to be replaced. This cost was nothing…and I mean next to nothing compared to what a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system would have cost me! For the fan replacement the heat and a/c company only charged me a few hundred bucks for the part itself and the labor of the certified and very friendly and informative heat and a/c specialist that was at my home doing the work to get my HVAC unit back up and running once again. When all was said and done I was very happy of the outcome and realised that I had a lot to be grateful and thankful for. It could have been worse.


programmable thermostat

A little less each day

I did hear that if you buy a portable space heater you can possibly use that in mixture with the central heating system to warm your house up and save decent money.

It is coming up on the time of the year where things are starting to slowly but surely cool down outside. And for me this means lower electric bills because I do not have to run my central air conditioning as much! I still am running the central air conditioning system most of the day. But I am noticing that at night right before I go to sleep I am actually able to turn off the thermostat completely. And with each passing day, I am noticing that I can go to the thermostat and turn off the central air conditioning system a little earlier. Before I know it, there will be no need for central air conditioning and I will be able to just enjoy the great outdoor air quality that mother nature was kind enough to give to the area in which I live in by opening the windows. Then of course, come December I will have to go to the thermostat on the wall and start turning on the central heating system with the same results of high energy bills. I did hear that if you buy a portable space heater you can possibly use that in mixture with the central heating system to warm your house up and save decent money. But I have not got around to trying that yet. This upcoming year though I believe that I will. Just to see if the portable space heater really can help me reduce my energy costs. But for now, I am just happy that the central air conditioning system is not needed as much!

cooling equipment

I’m running the show

It is so great to be your own boss for a living.

There is no management to answer to, you can keep your own schedule and most of all, you control how much you charge clients for your services.

This is totally me and what I do. I am a certified heating and air conditioning specialist who decided to go into business for himself as an independent heat and a/c contractor. This was a scary choice to make at first. Because when you are your own boss you never know exactly what is going to be. You could end up failing in the heating and air conditioning business or you can be a big success. Usually, the first 6 months in an independent heating and cooling contractors’ career says all. I was very lucky that I was able to get things going in those first 6 months. It was not like other friends I had in the HVAC industry that had tried, failed and then had to go off to work for some heating and air conditioning company in order to have a career in the heat and a/c repair and installation industry. My day to day schedule is nearly packed always, but because I am running the show so to speak, if it gets to be too overwhelming, I can always take a break or limit my heat and a/c repair or installation appointments. This happens rarely, but it does sometimes take place. This is just the life of being an independent heating and air conditioning contractor in today’s ever growing and ever changing heat and a/c world that we live in.
gas heater

It’s all ruined

I read an interesting and kind of sad story in my local newspaper the other morning.

I was reading about one of the oldest candy shops in the city totally having their chocolate stock ruined because their central heating and air conditioning system had broke down overnight.

This time of the year because of how hot it is, you need to have central air conditioning in places like that so things do not melt! Well, that is exactly what happened. All their chocolate melted. That is the drawback of owning a candy shop I suppose. Having your air conditioning system go out in the wee hours when no one is there in the middle of a super hot summer. They mentioned in the article that the shop is going to have to order a whole new supply of chocolate and this could mean several weeks with none being in stock. This is going to hurt business a bit for sure, but I don’t think it would be enough for them to go broke because of how long they have been around for. But I do feel for them. They mentioned that the second they got in that very next morning that they called for emergency heating and air conditioning services to have the central heating and air conditioning system repaired. But that still didn’t save the day. They have other candy in there that doesn’t require central air conditioning to keep it fresh, but the majority of their sales was always about their different forms of chocolate. And now that they don’t have any cause of the broken down air conditioning, things are not so great.


Heating and air conditioning products

Dumpster diving

It may sound kind of disgusting, but I am one of those dumpster divers! I don’t do it because I am a bum on the street or anything like that. I do it because you can find so many useful things that people throw away for no reason. In many cases, businesses throw away things just because they can’t sell them or there is a slight defect in them that doesn’t affect the product. Recently I found a perfectly good motor for a central heating and air conditioning system! These motors are not cheap by any means. When someone’s central heating and air conditioning system breaks down and you have to replace a motor, they hit you hard for the cost and installation of it. Since I found this perfectly working heat and a/c motor in the dumpster, I decided that I am going to try to sell it to one of the local heating and air conditioning contractors in the area. Going to a regular heating and air conditioning company to try to sell this would not be the most wise thing because they would not pay top price for it. However an independent heating and air conditioning contractor would. And that’s what I am going to do. I am going to call every single last independent heating and air conditioning contractor in my area and see if any of them are in need of a fully working motor for any of their central heating and cooling systems. And if not for that, if they would be interested just to have the spare part around.

hvac maintenance