Learning the ductwork needs of our old house

When we bought our 70s-built home, we did expect to do several upgrades.

One of the biggest changes we made was with the ductwork.

We wanted to have a furnace installed and even called an HVAC tech from the local heating industry to help assess the house and make recommendations. However, it proved more challenging than we thought. The HVAC serviceman mentioned that we could easily install a heat pump because it wouldn’t need any ducts. Made me wish we had bought the alternative house, though smaller, that only needed some heating repair and duct sealing. While going ductless sounded enticing, we wanted to have that option in our home; it felt more assuring than fully relying on new heating technology we still needed to experience. Our determination led us to the heating dealer, who told us it would be expensive but possible to do the ducts for a central heating system. The ducts ran through the attic and the basement areas, all connecting back to the heating device with ease. The installation came with a digital thermostat, saving us some money. It was an extensive project for us, but we all go to the highest extremes when we want something. The cleaning work afterward was less stressful than I imagined. The only place we had to find a mini split AC for was the detached garage my husband wanted to use as his home office, away from all the noise and chaos our toddlers wreck in the house. To ease our heating maintenance scheduling, we signed up for the local HVAC business home services, so we ended up being serviced during the same period as our neighbors.

Cooling technology

Buying a heat pump to avoid ductwork installation

When building our forever home two years ago, we didn’t see the need for ductwork. The heating dealer had already told us we could go ductless with a heat pump, and it seemed like a neater job, especially in the basement, which we were keen to use for other things apart from random storage space. That’s how we ended up as the only home without a furnace in the neighborhood. The HVAC tech from the local heating industry shop guided us through picking the best ductless heating device for our home, and we ended up with an air-source one. We also needed to ensure that our home remained well insulated, and with a digital thermostat in place l, our dreams for a ductless home were realized. Our home contractor had to pick ideas from several sustainable home designs because we needed to maximize how we could keep our house warm even on the coldest days during winter. With new heating technology to consider, the contractor was keen to ensure we didn’t freeze over in the house if the device failed. We are also signed up to access an HVAC serviceman if we ever have an emergency with the heating or cooling through the home services offered by the heating business. It’s more of a comfort-seeking action, but we haven’t needed to use it because our setup has not failed us yet. However, we keep up to date with quarterly heating maintenance to ensure that the device works optimally, but it takes little work. In our previous home, we had endless drama with duct sealing gone wrong after we did a self-repair that failed and followed up with the professionals, but it was too late; we had to pay for extensive heating repair.

Air conditioning professional

Best HVAC home services

The final bill was smaller than I expected, but I would still have it refunded

When I moved to a rental apartment, I had no idea I would have to handle heating maintenance and heating repair on my own. Most apartments have such services covered by the owner or a managing agency, but it would be on me this time. As luck would have it, the digital thermostat was not functioning, and the house was cooler than I could stand on my first day there. Every issue with the heating device would have been sorted before I moved in, but it seemed like I was in for push-and-pull situations with my landlord. The only help they gave me was the contact for the local heating dealer who every other tenant used. I decided to deal with my faulty heating technology before pressing for a refund because the HVAC tech fee and any work done could not be on me, yet I had not lived in the house. What a way to learn about the local heating industry. Thankfully, the HVAC serviceman was kind, so I did not have a terrible experience. Apart from the thermostat, the house needed extensive duct sealing for some tears in the ductwork, which was also unexpected and the worst thing to hear. Moving is expensive, but having unexpected repairs made the situation worse. I was unfamiliar with a furnace since I had only used a heat pump, so I left the technician to handle everything as I went to nurse my headache and prepare my case against my apartment’s management. The final bill was smaller than I expected, but I would still have it refunded. Expecting more HVAC trouble, I signed up for home services because I feared I’d forget to do it and spend more.



HVAC contractor

Replacing old furnace with a heat pump

My parents’ house is old and has always had a furnace for heating.

My brother, our firstborn, decided it would be more cost and energy efficient to have them shift to new heating technology.

As an engineer, he’s more exposed to the heating industry, so we always follow his recommendations without questioning much. He’s the one who introduced us to the digital thermostat when they first became the hottest heating device addition to have in the house, and he’s been telling us to shift to the smart models. He’s not an HVAC tech, but he does know a bit that’s reliable and makes it easy to understand what the heating dealer means with some of the terms they use to explain heating maintenance. Before its ultimate end, the previous equipment had taken us through a tough patch of ductwork maintenance and duct sealing before we realized that we were spending more on heating repair than we would with buying new equipment. We were listed to install a heat pump, and a simple home services inspection found that the house was perfect for a ground source, but my brother wanted an electric heater installed. For once, we were in a dilemma my brother didn’t have a solution for. My parents were worried about the cost of electricity if we went electric, but my brother thought it would not be a problem. I was so confused that I had to seek out the HVAC serviceman, who’d become familiar during the repair season. The technician was kind enough to break it down for me, which is how I understood both options would still use electricity. I stuck with the ground source option because it would cover our home entirely compared to the heater option.

Cooling system

You should have listened to me about the furnace.

I knew there was something wrong with the furnace, but I didn’t know how to describe what was happening.

My husband worked twelve hours a day.

When he got home, he wanted his dinner and a few hours to relax before going to bed. He didn’t want to be bothered with nit picky arguments, or with things that could wait until the weekend. When I mentioned the furnace, I should have known he didn’t want to hear it. I was sure I was hearing things in the ductwork, and it only happened when the furnace turned on. Since it was spring, the furnace didn’t turn on often, so you didn’t always hear the noise. He looked at me and asked if this couldn’t wait, not even realizing we were talking about the HVAC system. That weekend, we were sitting at the table in the kitchen eating lunch. He saw a mouse head pop up out of the air vent, and then disappear. When he asked if I saw the mouse, I told him it could wait until lunch was over, and then we could discuss. He started to talk about the mouse in the air vent, and I asked if it coldn’t wait until lunch was over. I was hoping he knew I was paraphrasing his wanted to wait until the weekend. As soon as lunch was over, he brought up the mouse. I told him he should have listened when I told him about the furnace. I had been hearing noises when the furnace turned on, and yesterday I realized there were mice in the ductwork.


Cooling technology

I told him not to say a word about HVAC.

My son is always trying to incite something between his dad and his uncle.

  • He knows they will argue over anything.

One afternoon, my husband’s brother started arguing about a television show. Instead of looking up the name of the guy they were talking about, he argued. He was sure he was right, even though my husband was looking at it in the guide he had pulled up. When he and his wife came over for Sunday dinner, I told my son not to say a word about HVAC in front of his uncle. I didn’t want an argument to ensue that could possibly ruin dinner. My husband was an HVAC technician, but his brother was not. His brother still thought of himself as an Hvac technician because he had gone to school when my husband had. My brother-in-law couldn’t pass the certification test, and he never went any further. After fifteen years, you would think he would realize things had changed. HVAC equipment had evolved and so had the ways the business worked. Instead of minding what I had said, my son asked his father when the new HVAC system would arrive? I was so angry, I wanted to bury him the backyard with only his head sticking out. I was then going to water him like I did the flowers, and hope he kept his mouth shut. My brother-in-law instantly took the bait, but my husband shut him up. He told him if he wanted to tell him how to do his job, he should go back to school and not flunk out this time, then asked for the butter for his bread.

HVAC business

They had no HVAC parts in the service van.

I had never heard of an HVAC technician who left their place of business and didn’t bring the parts they may need to complete the job.

  • My husband would have been appalled if he had been home when the HVAC technician arrived.

I wanted the air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced. We had been lucky not to need the air conditioning yet, but it wouldn’t be long before it was a necessity. I was a bit late having the work done, but while it was still cool, I knew I was safe. When the HVAC technician arrived, I told him where to find the air conditioning unit, and asked if he needed me. I had some work to get done. Half an hour later, he told me he had to go back to the HVAC office. I needed a new fan motor, and I had a broken fin on the fan blades. I would have thought he would have those items in the service van, but he said he had no parts in the service van. This is what had me wondering about the veracity of this HVAC technician. Either he was extremely new, or extremely incompetent, and I couldn’t figure out which. I told him to get the parts, but please be back soon. I had other things to do. An hour later, he came back with the parts he needed to repair the air conditioning unit. I’m not sure if it was the HVAC technicians fault, or that of the parts counter, but he brought back the wrong fan and fan motor for my air conditioning unit, and I was not happy.

ductwork cleaning

I’m not the HVAC technician.

I was expecting the HVAC technician to show up last week.

He was going to measure my house for a new air conditioning unit.

I was still unsure if I really wanted central air conditioning, but that was what my husband ordered. When the young man came to the door, I was surprised he didn’t show me his HVAC badge, but it didn’t bother me. I showed him where the new air conditioning unit would be placed, and then I gave him the measurements for each room. Every time he started to protest, I told him my measurements were right, and I would add some other information the HVAC company told me to have ready. I gave him a list of everyone who lived in the house, and an approximate amount of times the doors were opened and closed or left open, in a single week. When I was finished, he asked if I had anything else to add, and I told him no. He smiled and told me he was not the HVAC technician, but when he arrived, he was sure I had everything covered. He was there to pick up some newspapers my husband had in the garage, for the church’s newspaper drive. While he was in the garage, there was a knock on the door. The man standing at the door wore his HVAC ID badge and told me he was there about the air conditioning unit. I started to laugh and couldn’t stop. I told him I would tell him the story as soon as I could compose myself.

Heating system

My sister wanted me to find something for Jack

I even told Jack that he could work any 4 hours he wanted on Saturday and sunday.

My nephew Jack turned 18 a month ago and he has been talking about getting a job. My sister called to see if I could find something for Jack on the weekends. My sister did not want Jack to get a full-time or part-time job, because she was worried that the schedule would not be flexible and he would not be able to keep up with school and sports. I told my sister that I would talk to Jack about a job at the HVAC repair business. I own a small HVAC repair business. I have 10 employees and four trucks. I own a 3,500 ft building where I keep supplies. I usually have one of my guys come in on Saturday and Sunday to clean and organize, but I told Jack that I would pay him for 4 hours a day on each day if he wanted something part-time. That would give him a little bit of money in his pocket but still give him plenty of free time. I even told Jack that he could work any 4 hours he wanted on Saturday and sunday. I offered to give him a key to the shop. My sister thought I was crazy for giving Jack a key to the HVAC repair and installation supply warehouse, but I knew everything would be just fine. I trust Jack and I was willing to give him a little bit of responsibility. My sister was used to treating him like a baby and I think they would have a much better relationship if she would treat him like an 18-year-old man instead.


HEPA filter

I’m proud of my son and his accomplishments

My wife and I got a divorce when our son was 12 years old.

  • My wife moved away and I did not get to see my son very often.

My wife was not the best mother and our son had a couple of problems when he was a teenager. He ended up in a lot of trouble and had to serve community service when he got busted for vandalism. A month after he was done with his community service sentence, he was caught up in a burglary. My wife was worried that our son was going to end up in prison, so she called me. We arranged for our son to move in with me. I didn’t know how things were going to be, because I had not seen my son in 5 years. I thought that it was going to be difficult for the two of us to get along. It was good for my son to be away from his friends and his mother. I saw a whole different child after he moved in with me. He started going to school every single day and he stayed out of trouble. He graduated from high school and started a technical school program at the correspondent school. In 14 months he managed to earn a degree in HVAC science. He got his Nate certification and now works as an HVAC installation tech for a huge commercial and residential service company. My wife tries to take all of their credit for sending our son to live with me, but Jack did all of the hard work on his own.

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