That actually wasn’t an HVAC job

When remodeling my master bathroom I decided that I was going to spare no expense. I got an expensive glass penny tile because I liked the look of it. I got an all glass shower surround that was over a grand. I spent months researching to find the right toilet and sink. When it came time for bathroom ventilation, I brought out the big guns. You can get a bathroom vent for a few bucks or spend around three hundred. I got a ventilation system that can handle more than my bathroom. I also got one with an LED light and motion detected fan when I walked into the bathroom. The idea is that when the heat rises from my shower, it is vented outside. I don’t have foggy glass or clammy skin after a shower. There is no unpleasant odor in my air quality. I did learn one thing about bathroom ventilation through. You don’t call a HVAC contractor to do this installation. You know what HVAC stands for right? I just assumed bathroom ventilation would be a part of it. When I called the HVAC business I guess I was a little vague on the project. The HVAC technician thought he was installing ductwork in my bathroom. He then realized I just wanted my bathroom vent up. He told me that an electrician actually does that job. I wasn’t pleased at all. I finally got the guy to do the job but he had to use his personal tools rather than his HVAC ones. Isn’t that the weirdest thing?


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The AC settings are horrible now

I didn’t realize our apartment air conditioner was bad.

My boyfriend and I moved in together and had no issues.

I liked having light AC in the summertime. I could put a thin comforter on my bed and use an overhead fan without a problem. I do remember being a little salty about the lack of heating my boyfriend allowed in the wintertime. Now that my boyfriend and I bought a house, we have a new HVAC unit. It shouldn’t matter, HVAC is HVAC right? Well turns out the apartment HVAC must have been old with a bad cooling function. Our home air conditioner works perfectly. I am freezing cold all day, everyday. My boyfriend is downright giddy that he can have so much AC. I never realized he was setting the thermostat super low. Apparently our apartment AC just couldn’t achieve what he wanted. Teh house can though. I hate that I wear pants and a jacket during the summertime when I am inside. The lack of heating in the winter really gets to me too. Must I always be cold inside my house? He blasts the AC in the car and only goes to restaurants with air conditioning too. Anytime I am with him I am freezing cold. This shouldn’t be a cause for a break up but I am dying here. Why must I always be at the wrong temperature? I think for once he should be the one that isn’t feeling so good. He should have to sweat for a few days while I am comfortable.

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Never want to leave the HVAC

I have found that I never want to do work outside my house.

When I bought my home in the winter it just made sense to stay indoors. It was too cold to go outside and trim the brushes, rake leaves and mow the lawn. I painted indoors, added new lights and gutted the bathroom. I enjoyed having my quality heating system run while I worked around the home. I would crank the heater, make sweet treats in the oven and blast music. It really was a great wintertime experience. Now summer is here and on comes the AC system. I should put on a bikini top and start doing some outdoor work. I find myself gravitating towards the air conditioning. I still need to renovate my kitchen, add carpet in the home and change out my front door. It would be nice to have quality air conditioning blasting on me while I do it. I have tried going outside and the lack of temperature control kills me. The summer heat gives me a sunburn, makes me sweat and I am battling ant hills, mosquitoes and three corner flies. It is not worth it to me. If I don’t complete my jobs over the summer I am never going to do it. I am thinking about hiring a lawn service and just sticking inside with my HVAC unit. I can do all the gutting, painting, updating and cleaning while having quality AC and heating. I don’t need to freeze or sweat to death. I am willing to spend my money to have comfort.

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Need a pool heater with it

My husband and I want to have a pool.

We live down south and our place doesn’t have a pool.

The summer days are in the low 90s and the humidity is horrible. Everyday I wish I had a swimming pool. Did you know you can’t get a loan for a pool? Did you know you need to pay the company everything up front? Did you also know that you need to decide a year in advance when you want a pool? It really takes that long and it costs so much. My husband and I have been saving like crazy and researching about swimming pools. We don’t want to make a mistake. My husband is all about what surrounds the pool. He wants smooth, top of the line pavers to surround the pool area. He also talked about a pool cage to stop leaves from going into it. I am focused on the actual pool. I know the shape, layout and the material it will be. I also know I want to have a pool heater. This is something my husband and I go back and forth about. He thinks a pool heating system isn’t necessary. I feel it is. When I spend that kind of money on a pool, I want to be able to use it all year. I don’t want to have a slightly chilly night affect my ability to swim. The heater won’t cost much in the grand scheme of things. I would rather not have as expensive of pavers to have a heating system. He disagrees with me.

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Want to add heated flooring in the living room updates

My living room could really use some work.

The house has a gorgeous wood ceiling and one wall in the living room is brick.

It really has the bones to be a good room. I had to remove a giant wood stove that vented through the ceiling and out the roof. I also had to demolish the brick pad the heater sat on. The other three walls were wood. I had to sand them down and paint white. I added a few recessed lights and new furniture. The living room is good, not great. I quickly realized the reason the homeowners had a woodstove in the living room. It wasn’t that powerful but it did provide heating. The house has a central heater but it doesn’t connect to the living room. Yes, the central HVAC only provides heating and cooling for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room and attached kitchen are left alone. Since I live up north it isn’t necessary to get a cooling system, but I need a heater. I started looking into my options and I think heated flooring will do the trick. I want to change out the brown carpet for grey tile anyway. In the installation process I can add electric heated mats. That way the heating system is out of sight and out of mind. I can just feel gentle heating on my feet. It will warm the furniture that sits on it too. It will make my living room feel good and look so much better. The expense is the only scary factor.

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A boring update

Updating a house can really be fun. I love gutting a room and totally making it brand new. Adding new tile, fixtures and paint can really be satisfying. Unfortunately I have done all of those things and I am onto the boring updates. I recently replaced all the windows in my house since I noticed my energy bills were way too high. The air the HVAC waas producing was leaking out of the house. Caulk and weatherstripping only does so much. I spent thousands of dollars for windows that basically look the same as what I had. I also spent tons of money on a new roof too. Nobody but me sees the difference and it isn’t all that satisfying. I have noticed that even with getting my home sealed properly, my HVAC isn’t doing so hot. Rather than getting a brand new bathroom, I will need to buy a new HVAC unit. I am not exactly pleased by this. I could simply get the exact same central HVAC that I had before. I am not going to lie though, I hate the thought of central heating and air. I don’t like that ductwork stretches throughout the house and collects dust. I don’t like that every room has to be the same temperature. I don’t use the guestroom or other bathroom. I don’t want to pay for heat and cool those spaces. Now I will need to do some research on ductless mini splits and heat pumps. Then I will need to call different HVAC suppliers. Not a very exciting update at all.
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The gym was in the sauna

I have worked out in a lot of weird locations.

When I go on a trip, I just know the gym won’t be what I am used to.

I have found amazing fitness centers with pools, weightlifting and tons of machinery. The AC system is set perfectly, there is a bathroom and water cooler. I also have been stuck working out in a lawn, parking lot or running through a foreign city. The worst gym I had ever encountered was when the hotel combined the gym with the spa. The spa had hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas. The whole spa was set to a very warm temperature. The thermostat must have been set to around 90 degrees. It was hot, sticky and sweaty. I figured the gym next door wouldn’t be the same temperature. Well the only thing separating the two rooms was a thin curtain. The treadmill, bike and jump rope all were basically in the hot tub area. The thermostat for the heating system ran the entire area. I sweated buckets the entire time I worked out. I ended up using towels from the steam rooms and using them to mop myself. I also had to be careful about hydration and not overworking myself. I would have killed for some air conditioning. I worked out in my underwear since I was the only one in there everyday. It is no wonder though. Who works out with the heating system on? It was a very awful experience. I have never made that mistake again. I now look at detailed pictures of the gym online.



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Want a ductless HVAC unit for my shed

My backyard shed needs better heating and cooling than I am offering.

When I moved into my home and saw the shed, I knew it would be a home gym.

I added insulation and drywall to make it better to maintain climate control. I even added new windows and properly sealed around them. In the wintertime it was clear there were some extremely cold days. I bought a space heater and it really didn’t help much. I needed to turn on the heating system two hours before working out. I had it set to the maximum heat setting and it didn’t really help. I could work out and not be freezing, but I wasn’t warm. Now it is summertime and I am relying on a box fan. Everyone tells me to get a window air conditioner. I don’t want to mess around with installing, storing and maintaining a giant AC unit. I also know it won’t do the job right. My box fan doesn’t help at all. A window AC unit won’t be powerful enough either. What I need to get is a ductless mini split. I can have an indoor air handler mounted on the wall and hide the outdoor unit behind the shed. I then could have heating and air conditioning that works for my whole building. I wouldn’t be too hot or cold again. I could even control the settings from my work computer if I wanted. The only snag is the HVAC installation is invasive and the cost. It will be around five grand if I want to have this system.

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I want to add heated flooring to the kitchen

I am redoing my kitchen and I don’t want to skimp on anything. I want everything to be the exact thing I want. I have been saving money for months now and I think I am pretty much all set. I want quartz countertops and forevermark cabinets. I want all new appliances, a garbage disposal and new windows. I also have been toying around with the idea of adding heated flooring. Currently I use a ventless heater that attaches to the wall. It takes up space where I could have kitchen cupboards for storage. The little heating system isn’t all that good either. It whines, moans and poops out cold air frequently. I need to use an air compressor to blow the dust out of it monthly. Constantly the heater is telling me the filter is dirty and that it will catch on fire. In my updates I would like to remove it. I want to have heated flooring. This way the heating system is hidden under the floors and takes up no room. With radiant heating the heat doesn’t rise to the ceiling and get wasted. It isn’t air so there isn’t a worry about poor indoor air conditions. The electric heating method warms everything it touches too. The table, chairs and counters will even feel warm with it. I won’t even hear it operating since it is a silent system. This heating device is really expensive though. It doubles my flooring budget. I would need to be mindful of money in other areas. I think it might be worth it though.



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Keeping the apartment HVAC unit alive

My apartment HVAC is a hunk of junk. The landlord was very clear that he would not answer my calls about HVAC related problems. He told me he got the HVAC device freshly serviced. That was a lie. When I checked the air filter it was clogged with hair, dirt and pet dander. Clearly nobody had checked the machine. Luckily I am pretty handy with most machinery. I cleaned the inside as best as I could and I am on it with air filter changes. I regularly muck out my condensate drain, lubricate my motor belt and clean off the cooling coil. I realized that the outdoor unit was even at an angle. This allows coolant to all pool to one side of the machine and it won’t cool as effectively. After leaving it out with some blocks, I had way more success. When I noticed the burnt hair smell with the heating system, I cleaned out the ductwork. I didn’t have any fancy hoses or scrub brushes like a real HVAC contractor, I just did my best with what I had. It worked out pretty well though. The smell is gone. Anytime the HVAC unit threatens to quit or doesn’t work up to snuff, I am able to fix it. I am very worried about the next renter after me. That person won’t know what I do day to day to keep the heater and AC running. They won’t know how to keep this old, picky HVAC unit happy. They will be without temperature control within a month.


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