My neighbor cranks up his gas heater

Living in a big city close to others can be a double-edged sword.

While it is wonderful to have neighbors on whom you can depend in times of need, it can be irritating when they participate in annoying or terrible behaviors.

Music is loud, drunks are everywhere during party nights and sometimes the cops are called. Sleep at night can be terrible at times. Then there is the concern about one of my neighbors who use their gas heater. I get it, a gas heater can warm up a place pretty quickly, especially during the frigid winter months. I guess I’m not a fan of the noise it makes. When I’m trying to relax or go to sleep outside of the other things I mentioned, the gas heater they have can be quite annoying. On top of that, I’m a health nut and love our planet. The gas heater can create a lot of pollution. When the gas is burned, it releases a variety of toxic chemicals into the air. The pollutants can affect allergies which in turn can cause respiratory issues. I don’t really want to talk about climate change because that is another issue. It’s just annoying that I know when my neighbor cranks up his gas heater. I tried talking to him but he didn’t care about what I said. I told him I’d even look into a quote from the HVAC company to possibly change that gas heater into an electric heater. I hope someday he realizes that he is making the wrong choice and moves in a better, healthier direction for us and our planet.

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I’m happy I changed the air filters

Changing the air filters is one of those seemingly minor chores that I, much like many others often overlook, but it can have a significant impact on the air quality of the house.

I eventually changed my air filters recently, and I have to admit, I’m glad I did.

I noticed that the air quality in my house was becoming stale before I changed the air purifiers. Also, my allergies were a little more crazy than normal. I understood that dirty air filters in my HVAC system were most likely the blame for these problems, and I knew I had to do something about it. Changing the air filters was a simple task. I unplugged the HVAC system, took out the old air filters, and replaced them with brand-new ones. This whole process took me less than 15 minutes, and the change in the air quality was immediate. I noticed a substantial increase in the air quality in my home after changing the air filters. My symptoms started to improve as the air became cleaner. On top of that, my HVAC system was working more effectively, which should result in reduced energy costs. I’m glad I was able to replace the air filters in my home. I didn’t have to rely on anyone for help and the task was simple and didn’t cost much besides buying air filters to improve the air quality in my home. I know going forward that the air quality is important and I will need to change the air filters more often. I don’t want my allergies to go crazy again.
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Jerry wants central air conditioning

My buddy Jerry has been upset about a lot of things in life. I shouldn’t say upset, more like jealous that everyone has what he wants but he can’t afford anything. I keep telling him that he needs to get a better job because he is not getting a decent pay at his current employment. He doesn’t listen because he loves his job and it does just enough for him to survive day to day. Still, I have to listen to his complaints and jealousy weekly. Recently with temperatures getting warmer, he keeps saying he wants to get central air conditioning installed. He said that he is tired of his ceiling fan and his box fan to try and keep cool from the breeze. I know for one, that wouldn’t ever be good for me. I have kids and they run all the time. My family has central air conditioning which I installed a few summers ago from our local HVAC company. It was worth the cost and installation. Jerry thinks he can buy everything and do all the HVAC maintenance himself. This guy only knows how to change his air filters and really nothing else. He really should have an HVAC tech take care of the central air conditioning portion. I understand he doesn’t have the money but if he doesn’t have the money, then he shouldn’t get central air conditioning installed. I can see why he wants it installed after coming into my house. It’s just comforting and after being outside in the heat, it’s nice to have cooling in the house.

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Grocery shopping and an emergency HVAC situation

I chose to do my monthly grocery shopping on a usual day, Saturday morning.

I usually wake up early this day, throwing on sweatpants and a T-shirt. I really don’t care how I look. I went to the local supermarket. My phone rang while I was shopping and it was a neighbor, it was Ms. Jackson, she is an older lady who lives a couple of houses down from me. She was in a panic and told me that her HVAC system had failed and she needed my help. I was divided between helping her and finishing my grocery shopping. I decided that I couldn’t leave her in this situation, so I told her that I needed to finish my shopping since my cart was half full and I’d stop over after. I finished up my shopping and headed there. When I arrived, Ms. Jackson’s house was excessively hot, and she was sweating horribly. The HVAC system did fail, and there wasn’t really anything I could do immediately. I told her that I couldn’t do much as I didn’t have the proper tools on me but she needed to call the HVAC company right away to get a heating and cooling technician to her house right away. I waited with her while she called the company for an HVAC tech to show up. It was my buddy John and I knew she was in good hands. He asked why I couldn’t just do the job right there since I was already at her house. I told him I didn’t have the proper tools and that my car is filled with groceries. Regardless, I knew Ms. Jackson was in good hands but I was happy to assist even though I really didn’t do anything.


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Always arguing with my HVAC coworker

Ed, my HVAC coworker, and I are always arguing.

He is the most stubborn individual I’ve ever encountered.

He believes he understands everything and is constantly attempting to prove me wrong. We work for a big HVAC company, and our tasks are ensuring the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are in good working order. It seems like every day we fight about everything. It can range from the best method to repair a broken fan to the most effective way to cool a space. It just seems that we always disagree. But eventually, things started to change. As time went by, our disagreements helped us find better solutions to the issues. One day we were tasked with repairing an HVAC system in a big business building. We knew we had to do it properly. Ed and I started again with our arguing as we tried to find the best method to solve the issue. This time, however, was different. Rather than become frustrated, I chose to look at Ed’s viewpoint. It was strange at first but as it turned out, he had a great idea that I never even thought about. So we decided to put his idea into action, and it worked out beautifully. Things between Ed and me changed after that day. We still fought though, but we started to listen to each other’s views. Our disagreements turned into healthy discussions. This resulted in us finding better answers to issues we encounter. It turned out that Ed’s stubbornness actually helped us become better problem solvers. Sometimes you just need to communicate better.


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Doing HVAC work can be lonely

I have been an HVAC technician for almost a decade now.

I like my work, but there are days when I couldn’t help feeling a bit lonely.

I often found myself contemplating how much I like my job when I drove my HVAC van from one task to another. I would reflect on my life, my family, and my friends. Most of all, I reflected on the reality that I spent most of my days alone. I engaged with people on my job, but they were always short or working, basically, they were businesslike. Beyond the small conversation I made figuring out what was wrong with someone’s HVAC system, I barely knew any of my clients. It was a lonely life that weighed heavily on me. I hoped that I could work in an office, surrounded by colleagues. At times, I wished for more active work that would allow me to become more engaged with people. Despite my infrequent feelings of loneliness, I appreciated the work I did. I realized that I was giving the local people a valuable service by keeping them warm from their heater in the winter or cool with their air conditioning in the summer. I knew I was excellent at what I did. I was experienced and capable to diagnose and repair the most difficult HVAC systems. So I drove and job to job, sometimes talking to my clients but nothing really has changed, I’m still working alone. I know it felt lonely at times, but I was doing essential work that is important for everyone.

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Getting out of the sun and into the air-conditioned home

I can feel sweat dripping down my back as I strolled down the scorching hot sidewalk.

The sun was pretty brutal beating down on me, and I wanted nothing more than to be free of the rays beaming down on me.

I just wanted to get home and sit in my cool air-conditioned house. I started to walk faster, hoping to get to my front door as quickly as possible. My gaze was fixed on the doorknob, and extremely excited while reaching for it. Right before I touched the handle, I heard a faint scream. This little girl was standing on the opposite side of the street. She seemed a bit disoriented and scared. Her face was flushed from the heat and I knew I had to do something. As I came up to her as was sobbing and I can tell that she had a hard time breathing most likely due to the heat. I took her hand and walked her to a close tree where it was shady. As we sat in the cool grass, I realized that getting into my air-conditioned home didn’t matter anymore. This issue seemed to be far greater. I asked her what was going on and she said she ran out of her house because their air conditioning broke and the HVAC technician wouldn’t be able to make it to her house until tomorrow. She was tired and upset. About a minute later her parents showed up, panicked and scared that their daughter was missing. I told them they can come into my house for a bit with their daughter to feel the air conditioning and from that moment I made a new friend. I was glad that I was able to help in this time of need.


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I’m going to visit my HVAC tech son

I started to pack my bags for my trip and I couldn’t help to feel a sense of happiness.

I was on my way to see my son, who recently graduated as an HVAC tech. He set his goal and it was a long one but he achieved it. He wanted to be like his grandfather. I was extremely happy to see him reach it. I couldn’t stop thinking about my son’s new job as I boarded the plane. He spent countless hours learning and training. He even worked an apprenticeship to acquire some real experience. He was now a completely qualified and certified HVAC technician. He was ready to start his new journey. My plane landed and when I got to his house, he welcomed me with a big hug. I haven’t seen him for a bit and the first day was all about talking about memories and catching up. He showed me some things about this job and how he analyzes and fixes HVAC systems. I was so happy to see all the expertise he acquired and how enthusiastic he was about his job. My son took me to one of his work locations the next day, where he was building a new air conditioning system for a local company. I was highly impressed and a slight tear of joy rolled down my face. As my trip came to an end, I was filled with so much joy and admiration for him. He discovered something he loved and he made me so proud of him. I feel he will have a bright future ahead of him in the heating and cooling business.

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Two sisters fixed my HVAC unit

I scheduled my air conditioning unit to be fixed by HVAC employees that happen to be sisters today.

Their names were Sandra and Michelle. I was a bit apprehensive at first, not because of any past experiences, but simply because I never met them before. So as I waited for them to arrive, I sat on my front porch and listened to the birds chirp. Sandra and Michelle arrived at my place and they were so friendly. I directed them to the air conditioning unit and they got right to work. They examined the unit and discovered that it wasn’t working properly due to a clogged air filter. They asked me about my air duct cleaning routine as they worked and I told them I haven’t cleaned them in quite some time. Sandra told me that it is critical to clean the air ducts regularly to keep them running smoothly. Sandra nodded in agreement. They took their time showing me the process of how to properly clean the air ducts. They were so knowledgeable and professional which really increased my confidence in their ability to repair my HVAC unit. They changed the air filter and cleaned the air ducts before turning on my air conditioning unit to ensure it would function properly. Then the cool air from the vents started to blow in. I thanked both of them so much and they both smiled and said, “they were happy to help.” Sandra then said, “We want to show everyone that we will go above and beyond for them.” This made my day.

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My friends don’t like the air conditioning in my house

As I get older and start spending time with friends, it appears that I always go to my friends and no one ever comes over.

I never really question it but in the past I have friends come over here and there but that was a long time ago.

When the guys and I get together we talk about where we would like to meet up. My parent’s house is pretty much in the middle but there are a couple of other friends that live nearby as well. I always say we can meet up at my place and play video games, maybe shoot some hoops or whatever and it’s not really acknowledged. Recently I start to question it and finally, someone spoke up. Jason actually spoke up because he just says what was on his mind or maybe what others are thinking. He said that no one really comes over is that my dad has the air conditioning on so high that none of them like the cold as he does. I never really thought about it because it’s a valid reason if the air quality is just too cold for them. My dad takes care of our HVAC system, pretty much more than anything else. He has an HVAC tech come to our house once every three months to take a look at the heating and cooling system. Sometimes he has an HVAC tech come to the house more than that, especially if he thinks he hears a sound or during the summer because the air conditioning is used a lot. I should talk to my dad but I can’t be offended and it’s completely understandable.



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