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Not knowing how to work a smart thermostat

Periodically, problems can be caused by the smallest of issues. The trouble is, it’s not always obvious that the issue is a minor one that requires a quick and straightforward fix. I was recently quite upset after receiving a brand new temperature control system installed in our new home. Well, it wasn’t a brand new […]

Why replacing the HEPA air filter is pressing

Clean air is a very scarce thing! Anyone who suffers from bad allergies correctly will tell you that they genuinely miss the days when they can breathe in or out freely as well as deeply, without sputtering into a cough or a sneeze. However, did you guess that your home Ventilation system benefits greatly from […]

My school cafeteria was far too cold for us

I had a thoroughly enjoyable junior high as well as middle school experience. I went to a pretty large school which had just under 4,000 students attending in grades 6th through 12th. The junior high as well as high and middle school buildings were without each other, however the cafeteria was shared by all. It […]

My 1st place of work had no a/c

On our first work fresh out of school, I had many primary responsibilities. I worked at a sizable box store. On any given day, I might bring shopping carts into the corrals and into the store, or I might work in the beach house, home & garden section. Whenever our fellow co-workers complained about their […]

Loss of my air conditioner

I am always trying to find new ways to save our money in any way that I possibly can. I have a strict budget for nearly anything as well as everything; My parents provided me their old SUV our junior year of school, but that SUV had already been in the family for over 7 […]