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Heating corporation is having a party

I have been phasing out of beach volleyball over the past year as my knees have run out of cartilage and the doctors recommended I quit playing or I may need knee replacements very soon. I played 30 years of competitive ball and I think all of the pounding from jumping over and over just […]

Washable filters are really nice

We now have 16 songs on our Soundcloud page and are pushing closer towards my goal of 50 songs by the end of the year. We have been making about 3 or 4 songs a month recently, and if we can keep up this pace we will surpass the 50 song goal before the end […]

Buying a new mini split a/c unit

Today I am going to do some HVAC maintenance on my unit in my flat because summer is coming and I want to make sure the A/C is ready to go in the next few weeks when it starts to get really hot here Happy Monday to you all! I know Monday’s aren’t so happy […]

Local business is open today

My flatmate just dropped the bomb on me that she is moving out soon, which means I need to decide if I want another flatmate or try and make it on my own. I think I am going to try a few months on my own, maybe for this summer, so I can invite friends […]

Lots of furnace filters to clean

I have another hour or so of work to do and then I am going to do a little meditation for an hour or so to clean and clear my mind. Last night was a later than normal night for me because I ended up going to a club with some friends I met on […]