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Living the high life

As an artist, I need a place to connect with the elements. The distractions of city life, sounds, lights, and people tend to get in the way of my creativity. I had an opportunity to get away from those distractions once and for all and I took it without hesitation. My uncle left me his […]

My project is melting

He did say that we should always take that into consideration if we planned on becoming professional bakers one day I worked for nearly a week on my final project for school. It was going to count as fifty percent of my final grade in my bakery class and I made sure that every detail […]

A cool place to volunteer

I am always hearing about organizations that are in need of volunteers. My heart goes out to them but I have to admit that I shy away from this obligation. Oftentimes they need people to work at a booth, in a hot kitchen, or work outside doing something. None of this sounds like something I […]

Power outage left us with a huge mess

Storms have been raging in our area for over a week and it looks like the forecast is calling for more. The problem with this is the fact that they can not be up on an electric poll during these storms due to the danger of lightning. This means that we have been without power […]

In control even while on vacation

Going on vacation is always fun but stressful at the same time. We always worry about the safety of the house, animals, and even the cars. We decided that installing a fully monitored security system was the answer. Little did we know how much this would change our lives. The installation was expensive and we […]

Silence is not always golden

When you own a house you become very familiar with the noises it makes. The creaking stairs, shuttering sounds of the doors and windows, and the sounds the appliances make as they turn on and off. You become so intune with your home that you are immediately aware when something is wrong. This was the […]

First day of school, no AC

The kids were so excited this morning and I wish that wasn’t a fading thing. I say that because it is the first day of a new school year and they couldn’t wait to go and reunite with their friends. That is the fun part but as the week goes on and the homework assignments […]

Deciding to replace seasoned cooling system

I was delighted to move from the northern part of the country to Largo, Florida. I was more than glad to leave behind sub zero temperatures plus long months of snow plus cold. There was no longer a need for a four-wheel-drive vehicle, snow shovel or ice scraper. I left behind my heavy boots, wool […]

High velocity AC solves complication of no air duct

About five years ago, my spouse plus I obtained a dwelling in Largo, Florida. The home was built during the mid 1780’s plus retains much of its historical charm. My associate and I are delighted by the crucial windows, high ceilings plus hardwood floors, doors plus moldings. The home features a gorgeous stairway plus banister […]