First night at the cabin

As I sit on the chair with my feet up on the footrest feeling the warmth of the fireplace heat I ponder what I am going to do this weekend.

  • I know my dad is going to go fishing with my grandfather and they will try to get me to join them.

My mother will spend time with my l grandmother baking and relaxing with wine on the back deck of the cabin. That leaves me and my sister. My sister loves to hike and I saw her pack everything she needs for her hiking adventure. I know I want to swim and check out the waterfall that is about a mile into the woods. It’s too cold to dive in the water though as the fall temperatures are no joke here. I packed a couple books and my space heater for the room I sleep in. I also packed my slippers because the floors are extremely cold. At home we have heated floors so I never wear them. We come to the cabin every year so I prepare for the worst. My grandfather told me last year that this cabin was his fathers so he never really wanted to upgrade it. He did the electricity though but he really needs to add new heating but he is content with just using the fireplace. I know my dad won’t upgrade it as well but if he hands it down to me someday I am going to hire a heating technician to update the heating and put new windows in. I want to be comfortable when I go to the cabin. Currently I don’t feel any comfort especially at night.



Going to the cabin for the weekend

This weekend I’m going to the cabin with my parents.

The cabin is owned by my grandparents who really haven’t updated any of it.

I don’t know why but they all love to meet up during the fall. I still question why we can’t do mid summer. On cold nights it feels like the cool air breezes right through the walls and windows. The fireplace is the only thing that keeps the cabin heated and it really only heats up the living room. I should say it’s more of an open concept besides the bedrooms. The kitchen is on the other side of the living room so it gets some heat but I definitely can feel a difference in the temperature. The positive there is electricity and outlets so this year I begged my father to buy a portable space heater. He knows I complain about it and when my mother heard I asked for that she said pick up 2. I guess she wants one for her room as well. My parents have had little arguments about the thermostat these past few weeks. Every day my mom turns up the thermostat to 75 degrees but as soon as my dad get’s home from whatever he is doing he turns it back down to 65 degrees. I swear I feel he turns the air conditioning on because I layer up every night! He loves the cold though, he works in a cooler for our local grocery store. He says he spends more time there than he does anywhere else. I’ll never argue his viewpoint but I’m glad I got my space heater!

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The HVAC just wasn’t safe from my old man

Sure enough, I got that phone call last week and got over there just in time to stop him from making a huge mistake

It’s weird for me to have my parents living just around the corner. But it’s weird in a good way. I love my folks and they’ve been nothing but wonderful to me my entire life. But it’s been a long time since we lived in the same town much less right around the corner from each other. In fact, I haven’t lived this close to my parents since I went to college. But they were awesome and raised me in a house with great central air conditioning and many other amenities. So it’s an honor to return the favor these days and kind of help them out as they’re now in their late seventies. My mom and dad just couldn’t handle a big house up north anymore. The winter was too intense and they were sick of paying to have a gas furnace run night and day. So I convinced them to move down south near us. And it’s been an adventure so far. They’ve only been here about eight months after I found them a condo they can afford on a golf course. My dad loves to get outside and swing the golf clubs even if he’s not real good anymore. But he’s also a real stubborn guy that likes to be very independent. He also just didn’t trust the heat pump that came with the condo. And I knew eventually, I was going to get a phone call from my mom that he was tearing into the residential HVAC. Sure enough, I got that phone call last week and got over there just in time to stop him from making a huge mistake. All it took was me reading the HVAC warranty aloud to him. Once he heard that he would void the warranty, he packed up his tools.

air conditioner tune-up

The HVAC angels weren’t with us this past summer

I’m pretty much super comfortable as I watch January work its way through my life.

I love this time of year because the weather is just so pure.

The temperatures are great outside and the sun is shining almost all the time. Plus, the dang heat pump isn’t running. For eight months out of the year, any time I walk out of the house, I can hear a chorus of heat pumps. Where I live, the heat pump is king and we have a neighborhood of them. We had a good one for a lot of years. But last spring, when the HVAC professional came out to do the air conditioning tune up, he broke the news that the heat pump was done. It still was producing heating and cooling but it had hit its limit and would most likely fail very soon. Well, I was caught napping on that one as I really hadn’t prepared for replacing the residential HVAC. So I rolled the dice hoping for just one more summer season out of the heat pump before I put her out to pasture. I even made concessions at the thermostat and pushed the setting much higher last summer. But sure enough, mid August rolled around and I woke up one day to a hot and sticky house. So much for rolling the dice. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the new HVAC unit to get here. Around here, a few hours without air conditioning is no picnic much less a couple of weeks. Our new residential HVAC is awesome and I’m looking forward to many summers to come.


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Trying to be a good neighbor but with an HVAC warning

Being a neighbor is something new for me.

I grew up in a city up north so it wasn’t exactly neighborly in the building where I lived.

It wasn’t exactly hostile either but pretty much, everyone kept to themselves. But after college and a few years of experience in the home office, I was transferred to a more rural region in a different state. Not only did I escape the intense radiant heating and non existent air conditioning of apartment life in the city, I became a neighbor. I also became a homeowner for the first time. I was really keen to take care of my home and wanted to learn all I could. I even spent an hour with the HVAC technician when he first came out to do the season HVAC maintenance. That was a very enlightening hour and gave me great respect for both residential HVAC and HVAC professionals. So when a neighbor recently asked me to hold the flashlight for him while he attempted to repair his heat pump, it was tricky. On the one hand, I really love having neighbors and do my best to be a good one. But I also knew that my neighbor was making a mistake by trying to work on his heat pump. At the very least, he was going to void the warranty. So I went over with my flashlight but I also brought some advice as well. I’m glad that he ended up calling the HVAC company. I think he just needed a nudge in the right direction and what are good neighbors for, right?

hvac technician

It finally happened, the old heat pump bit the dust

That thing took care of all the heating and cooling needs of me and my family for a very long time

I really appreciate the local HVAC company that we’ve trusted for nearly thirty years now. That really says something in this day and age. To think that we stuck with the same heating and cooling company for that long is a testament to those HVAC professionals. We actually did some due diligence when we first bought this house to find a good HVAC company. And all the recommendations were spot on with the HVAC professionals we chose. the residential HVAC unit those HVAC professional put in all those years ago has just now been replaced. Finally, that old heat pump is on the way out. But due to great HVAC maintenance and good quality HVAC equipment, we got 28 years out of that old heat pump. Where we live, the heat pump is cranking 7 or 8 months out of the year just for the cooling of the house. So it definitely got to work out and we never babied it. Once the old heat pump turned twenty, I started doing some more research as I figured we’d be replacing that heat pump pretty quick. I also started a savings account to be ready when the heat pump died. Well, 8 years later and there was a ton of money in that savings account. We used it to get the very latest in residential HVAC and all the HVAC technology we could ever ask for. I have to say, that I’m enjoying the best quality heating and air of my life these days. But my hat is off to that old heat pump. That thing took care of all the heating and cooling needs of me and my family for a very long time. And for that, I’m very grateful.

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After this winter, I am ready to move south

After this winter, I am ready to move south from now on.

I have been living here for almost thirty years now and I would have to say that I am definitely sick of it. I mean, there are some good things about living here for sure, but one of the major downsides of living here is the fact that the temperatures get to be so darn cold during the winter. You definitely cannot live here through the winter without a really great heating source. If you try to, then you are probably not going to make it! You may survive until the spring thaw, but you’re definitely not going to be comfortable, that’s for sure. Usually the temperatures here are below zero long before Christmas comes around. It doesn’t really start heating up all that much until the end of May most of the time. I decided last winter that if it was the same thing this year, then I was just done with it. I’m just getting too old to try and deal with all of the ice and snow and cold every single year. I am at that point in life where I want to see sunshine and palm trees for the rest of my days. I guess I might have to turn into a snowbird. Or who knows? I might just move south and live there forever year round. I don’t know yet. What I do know is that I would be happy if I never had to pay another heating bill for as long as I live.
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A couple of days ago, my wife and I got a new furnace

A couple of days ago, my wife Tammy and I got a new electric furnace for our house and we got a really great deal on it.

We are always looking for good deals. We consider ourselves to be very thrifty people and we won’t buy something unless it is on sale. This proved to be a little bit of a problem for us this past year whenever our heating system stopped working. We needed a new furnace, but it tore up right at the beginning of the winter and of course, that is prime season for furnace sales. We weren’t about to go out and pay full price at the beginning of the season for a brand new furnace. That kind of thing is just completely out of our comfort zone. We decided that we were just going to have to tough it out and wait until the end of the winter to get a new furnace so that we could get a really good deal on one. I’m not going to say that it was easy! Thank goodness that we have a wood burning fireplace in our house. I had to chop a whole lot of wood over the winter, that’s for sure. I am definitely going to be hanging up my ax for the foreseeable future now, though. The new furnace that we got is a state of the art high efficiency heating unit and I think that it is going to last us for many years. Best of all, we got it at a rock bottom price!

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My husband is an HVAC technician

My husband George has been an HVAC technician for over fifteen years now.

I remember when we first met and he was just enrolling to get his heating and cooling certification down at the local technical college.

Back then, we had no idea what we were going to do with ourselves or our relationship or what life was going to throw at us. All of these years later, we have been married for 14 years, we have 5 kids, and George is still working in the HVAC profession at one of the city’s biggest commercial HVAC companies. He really loves his job and he has been able to provide a good life for me and for all of our kids. We always have the best indoor air quality in the neighborhood, too. We have a brand new high efficiency heating and cooling system and last year we got a gas log fireplace for the living room and for the master bedroom too. George decided that this year for Christmas, he wanted to install a UV light air purification system for us to run in tandem with our heating and cooling system. I can already tell a big difference in the air quality in the house and I’m really glad that he got one for us! I am hoping that it’s going to help all of us with any respiratory issues we might have otherwise had. I’m really glad that George is an HVAC technician and I hope that he sticks with that job until he retires one of these days.



Winning a radio contest wasn’t really my plan

I couldn’t believe that I won a radio contest.

It wasn’t really something that I was planning on.

I mean, I was not even planning to call the show in the first place, much less actually win the contest! I never win anything and I can’t say that I am any good at trivia at all. I don’t know all that much about a variety of things. I do know a lot about a couple of subjects and that’s how I ended up winning a radio contest and getting a brand new HVAC system for my house. The HVAC company even came to my house and installed it for me, too! They were the ones who were sponsoring the radio contest in the first place. The radio program was doing a lot of different advertising spots for the HVAC company and in return, they told the radio program that they would provide them with a brand new, state of the art heating and cooling system for the grand prize for their little call in contest. It was interesting to hear all of the questions that they were asking their listeners when they called in and tried to win. It turned out that the questions that they were asking were about stuff that I know very well. I just so happen to be an expert on Bigfoot and that’s what they were doing the call in program about! I guess no one else in our area really knows all that much about Bigfoot, but I sure do. Whenever I answered the questions that they asked me, I ended up winning the HVAC system for my house!


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