I want to get into commercial real estate

I started getting into real estate when I was super young.

  • I lucked out by buying a small condo that was on a sand patch that was once a lake.

When the lake came back I hired out home services and sold the condo for a large amount of cash. I have since done this quite a few times. I look at homes for sales and apartments for sale. I either have a general corporation service them and flip it, or I keep the arena for rent. Having apartments for rent and homes for rent makes quite a bit of cash. Those bi-weekly paychecks I do put into my rentals. I feel like I am always hiring out handyman tasks in order to keep the arenas going. It sometimes is a furnace repair, electrical issue or a plumbing emergency. Nobody is just great, you know. There sometimes is currency leftover to put into another rental though. Right now I am looking into commercial property sales. I want to change over from apartments and homes to storage facilities and businesses. My ideal would be to own a mini storage facility and rent out each unit. Can you imagine the currency I would make from this? I am not against buying a building or a stretch of buildings and having corporations put in there, but dealing with a company owner rather than a tenant is a much easier process. You respectfully get a high class of man this way. They are better about paying the bills and will stick around loger. I know there are even some property leases that state the renter has to pay for all the repairs.


I will retire before my kids are grown

My partner and I have a goal or a wish depending on how you look at it. Both of us both want to retire at the age of 43. That means our kids will still be in middle school when the people I was with and I are ideally done with work. That doesn’t mean the people I was with and I won’t keep making currency though. Our goal is to become financially smart through rental properties and fantastic investments. Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Millionaire Next Door both talk about how to become wealthy, not rolling in it. How to have a high networth rather than having a lot of currency. The name of the game is homes and apartments for rent. Right now my partner has 3 unusual apartments for rent that she gets a bi-weekly check for. I have two homes that I rent out each month too. What the people I was with and I do is take that currency and use it to buy the next real estate property. The system is to have enough rental to pay our mortgage, automobile and grocery bill. Both of us want to have enough currency flowing in that our 9-5 jobs aren’t required. I would much rather hunt for the next rental property than work online. My partner wants to get into commercial properties! Someday the people I was with and I hope to have enough places that rent that hiring a property management corporation would be smart. Right now the people I was with and I deal with all the beach repairs and tenants. My partner is the general manager and I am the Heating and A/C professional. Someday property management services will ensure I never have to lift a hand.



They take care of all my hair removal

I have super sensitive skin.

When it comes to hair removal it has always been a problem.

It is annoying that society has decided women have to basically be hairless. Basically we are allowed the hair on our head and eyebrows, that is it. We are expected to shave our entire legs, lady business, armpits and tame our eyebrows. Men get to just be hairy and wild though. How is that fair? My skin doesn’t like a razor. I would get red razor bumps, ingrown hairs and rashes all the time. I tried hair removal creams and that only irritated me further. The home wax and sugaring kits were a disaster as well. I am so thankful there is a high end salon in my town. They offer all the works. When I go for an appointment, I get so much done. I have a woman do sugaring on my entire leg area to remove the hair. Then she waxed my bikini line and armpit area. Afterwards I get my eyebrows threaded to tame them a bit. I typically end the session with either a haircut or a body massage. I need something fun to end the day. I also like that I hang out at the salon while all the redness on my body fades. I am there for a few hours but it is only one day every six weeks. The salon is really great too. The place is professional, clean and the prices are fair. I am really glad that I don’t have to take care of my own hair removal anymore.

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Body massage at a high end salon was odd for a man

I work totally online and from home.

I sit at a computer 8-5 everyday.

I should work out, stretch and move around afterwards. I typically don’t though. I get so tired after being at a screen all day. I just want to read, smoke my pipe or watch some TV. My back and neck obviously hurt all the time. I went to a chiropractor and that didn’t help. A friend of mine highly recommended getting a massage on the regular. I looked around and the only massage parlor was a high end salon in town. So that meant it wasn’t just a body massage shop, they also offered eyebrow threading, sugaring for leg hair, waxing for the bikini area and henna for body art. I looked at pictures of the store and it was definitely geared towards ladies. The whole inside was pinks, whites and grays. All the salon workers were female. I was a bit embarrassed to initially call and make a massage appointment. My back and neck hurt too bad though. I started out with a massage appointment right at closing to avoid a crowd. The salon is girly and my masseuse is female. She is wonderful though. My kinks were worked out within the house session. I felt good as new. I now do a two week massage appointment when they can fit me in. I am no longer bothered by the other services they offer. The message is too good and benefits me too much to stop going. I have even thought of taking my buddies with me so they can get massages too.


Great idea to add a tint

Tinting the windows on your car not only looks great, however it also serves a variety of substantial benefits.

When you tint the windows of your car, some of the benefits include UV protection, increased protection, and preserving the interior of your vehicle.

UV rays can attack you while you are driving and you can suffer destruction from the Sun even inside of your car. Window tint can block almost 100% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Window tinting can also hold small shards of glass together. In the event of an emergency or an accident, pieces of glass will not be all over the vehicle. Another pro of tinting the windows is Preservation of the interior. The sun disfigures the skin and it also disfigures the surfaces inside of your car. The ultraviolet rays can cause breaks and destruction to seats, the dash, and the interior of your car. Sun destruction can also cause sunspots and fading on leather and cotton materials. Window tinting can help with all more than two of these troubles. Window tint also adds a bit of security. When I am driving down the street, I don’t want someone to be able to look into our vehicle. Sporadically I smoke recreational marijuana in our automobile and I don’t need every guy staring at me from the other side of the street. A small amount of tint on the windows can increase our privacy without making me look odd. It’s not extravagant to have the windows tinted and there are so many charming reasons to have the work done.

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They did a good job detailing it

I took our car down to the auto shop to get the thing detailed.

My wife and I went to the beach and the car was filled with sand.

There was salt all over the car and under the truck. I wanted to be sure that all of the salt and sand was gone from our new sports car. They cleaned everything inside and outside of the car. The auto detailing crew cleaned everything from the top to the bottom of the car. I even looked underneath the car and it looked like there had been some work done on the bottom too. It was a lavish expense having the car detailed, however I would spend our savings on the fees again if the car looked like it did when the people I was with and I came to the condo from the beach. When the shop was done with the detail job, I went to option up the car. I noticed the sign on the front door that said the performance garage was looking for a new tire installation and oil change dealer. I told our little brother about the job. He’s been looking for a job at an auto body shop and this could be the perfect way for him to get her feet in the door. My sibling called the auto body shop and they told him to fill out an application online. After they looked at the application, they would supply him a call if he met all of the criteria for the auto tech job. I absolutely hope that our little sibling will get the job. I suppose it would be a wonderful site to start his work.



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Glad I got new shocks added

I was riding around on poor shocks and a poor suspension for so long that I forgot what it is like to have a car that does not shake and break every time I hit a pothole.

  • I got some money for our anniversary and I decided to use it to make some performance jobs on our truck.

The shocks and the suspension were at the top of our list. I got many estimates from performance shops close by and I chose a place with wonderful reviews and wonderful remarks from our friends. Lots of people used the same performance shop in the past. My neighbor Ian had a tuning kit installed in his car and he used the same auto performance shop. The performance shop is known for toiling on diesel trucks and foreign cars. The parking lot is always filled with cars and trucks. They stay busy all of the time. I had just enough cash for the new shops and suspension. I also planned to get an oil change, however I did not have enough cash. The new suspension and shocks help the truck a wonderful deal. The performance changes make the truck feel like I am riding around on a puff of air. I can’t feel much at all underneath me unless there is a big pothole. I noticed that the car is much quieter now too. The performance shop gets more than two stars in our book service, prices, and savings. I left the site a great review online and I will be sure to tell our family and friends that this identifiable site is tolerable and trustworthy.


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Tuning system was a problem

I had to take our car to the dealership to get some work done on the engine.

My tuning kit was not performing right and I needed them to look at the suspension as well. While the car was in the shop, I got an oil change done as well. They also completed an alignment and rotated the tires. The woman from the auto body dealership called me after she realized that I had an aftermarket air filter on the car. She felt that the a/c filter needed to be cleaned or updated. The price for the aftermarket air filter turned out to be less than the price for the original part. I expected the aftermarket air filter to be 50 or $55 more. I was surprised to learn that it was not going to cost me that much cash. After all of the performance jobs were done to the car, I went to the dealership to check it out. The first thing I tried to do was adjust the tuning. I got the same error message from the unitronic tuning kit as I did before I took the car to the dealership. It did not even look like they did any work to the tuning system. I suggested talking to the mechanic and she tried to tell me that the tuning problem was not listed on the work form. I had a copy of the work form in our trifold. The unquestionably first and chief complaint about the car was the unitronic tuning kit. Those bozos wasted more than two afternoons and they still had not fixed the original problem.

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Choosing tankless water heating

I debated for a long time over whether or not I wanted to convert from a tank-style water heater to a tankless model. While a conventional had always met the demands of the household without any issues, there was always the risk of the tank rupturing and flooding the basement. Plus, the tank takes up quite a bit of space. It uses a considerable amount of energy keeping a generous amount of water heated up inside the tank. It continually reheats this water. Because the water is sitting in the tank for extended periods, there is the possibility of it absorbing harmful minerals and other contaminants. Although the conversion created an extra cost on top of purchasing and paying for installation of the new tankless water heater, I felt that I’d save money in the end. With a tankless model, the water is heated on demand. Whenever a family member opens up a faucet, the water passes through a heat exchanger and is instantly at the ideal temperature. There is no need to run and waste water while waiting for it to heat up. There is no concern over running out of hot water. The water is perfectly clean. A tankless water heater is about the size of a small suitcase and can be mounted on the wall, freeing up a great deal of valuable space. The system offers the ability to make adjustments to water temperature. There are very few moving parts, making these alternatives very reliable. They require little maintenance and because of the ability to easily replace broken parts, can be expected to last twice as long as a conventional hot water heater.
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Unhappy with hard water

When we bought our house, my husband and I were amazed by the affordable price.

We purchased a sizable piece of property in a really advantageous neighborhood for a reasonable amount.

The roof was only a couple of years old. The kitchen and bathrooms had recently been renovated. Most of the appliances were nearly brand new. We didn’t realize the significance of the water well on the property. The home does not have access to the water supplied by the town. While our well supplies a plentiful supply of water, it’s very hard. The water is overrun with lime, calcium and rust. We’ve tried several different types of water softeners and filtration systems that have been unable to handle the severity of the problem. I am happy with every feature of our house other than the water. My husband and I now understand that the kitchen and bathroom were remodeled because of the damage caused by the water. The appliances were all brand new due to the negative effects of the mineral buildup. Nothing that our water touches lasts very long. The water heater corrodes, ruptures and needs to be replaced every five years. We aren’t able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty because we have no choice but to remove the anode rod. This voids the warranty. However, if we leave the anode rod in place, our water turns black and smells disgusting. As soon as I buy a new faucet, I remove the aerator. I know that the little screen will clog within a few days. I also invest in very harsh chemicals to scrub away the stains in the tubs, sinks and toilets. The fumes give me headaches but I don’t want the discoloration caused by the hard water. I’ve given up trying to use a dishwasher. The dishes come out looking dirty. I need to purchase brown towels and bed linens because of the discoloration caused by the water.
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