Heating corporation is having a party

I have been phasing out of beach volleyball over the past year as my knees have run out of cartilage and the doctors recommended I quit playing or I may need knee replacements very soon. I played 30 years of competitive ball and I think all of the pounding from jumping over and over just pummeled the cartilage right out of both knees. Now when I bend my knee it sounds like there is sand in my knees, and it also hurts quite a bit if I try to jump a lot. Bending down to work on space heaters and heat pumps for many years probably didn’t help either. I still need my knees though, so I am going to heed the doctor’s advice and cut way back on the ball playing. Heating service and heating repair is much more important for me to lead a good life because volleyball didn’t pay that much anyway. I will still go out like I did today and mess around a bit with the ball, but as far as playing those intense high caliber games, well I think it is going to just be in my memory from now on. I can still play music in local businesses and I can still do my a/c repair work for the cooling and heating corp, but I need to basically quit playing volleyball. I never thought I would quit playing until I was in my 70s, but my knees are telling me otherwise and I have to listen to them or I’ll be in a wheelchair talking about how great I was at volleyball!

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Hot water boiler is fixed tomorrow morning

I am getting a bit dopey as I write these words, so excuse me if I drag on with my typing speed today.

Oh actually, that doesn’t make sense does it? I don’t think you can tell how fast I am typing right now! Yeah, I think a nap is in order as soon as I finish this article don’t you? I woke up kind of early this morning for some reason and I couldn’t fall back asleep no matter how hard I tried.

I think I got about six hours of sleep last night, as my space heater was making sounds that seemed to wake me up each time the thermostat kicked on the heating device. I guess I will have to start wearing earplugs again because a good night of sleep is pretty important for happiness and productivity. I could run the central heating system, but it really isn’t warranted because my roommate likes it cold in the flat at night and my cats could care less how cold it is. They sleep by the air purifier and don’t care if it is a bit cool because they have a little house that keeps them warm, almost like a small electric heater, as they sleep together. I have some really fluffy cats with a lot of hair, so they don’t seem to be bothered when it gets really cold at night in the flat. They are both natural heating devices and when they sleep together it is really good for keeping them warm, even on cold nights like we have been getting recently.

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Forget about energy saving tips, give me heat!

I never cared for mondays until I got into the stock market.

I dabbled in cryptos long enough to lose $100K and to realize that trading cryptos is not for me.

I don’t know what is going to happen with them in the next few years, but the stress alone has already shaved a few years off of my life. It also took a lot of my time the past three years and I will never get it back. Staring at screens all day is something I never believed in till cryptos got me addicted to them. The air conditioning company had me working a lot over the past few years doing a/c installs and repairs, and then I went and lost all of my savings from it by investing in cryptos. I guess we live and learn, but I wish I never had gotten into trading in the first place and didn’t have to learn such a brutal lesson. The cooling expert at the store where I work told me he lost his house from cryptos, and almost lost his HVAC rep wife in the process. I lost my girlfriend last year in a breakup and I am starting to believe it was also because of the darn crypto trading all day. I should have just kept doing cooling installs for the local business and kept putting that money in the bank. My dad would not be too happy knowing that I lost the $100K he gave me after he died. Maybe my a/c expert friend can help me get it back with this HVAC stock we bought.

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Time for a little heating from the electric furnace

I’ve been trying to type with cold hands and fingers for the past hour and I am done with it.

I just turned on the main system and am going to warm this place up for about twenty minutes.

I don’t know how much the power companies make for twenty minutes of heat, but I really don’t care either because my hands are just way too darn cold in this flat. My feet are kind of cold too and I am even wearing wool socks. I bet it is about 65 F in this flat right now, so some heating from the main HVAC system can’t be that much to ask for. I just need to run the unit for 20 minutes to take the chill out of the air and make it so I don’t feel so cold. In the summer I have a multi split air conditioner to keep me cool and my hands don’t seem to hurt even with the a/c unit running a lot. I guess in the winter the air in the flat is a lot cooler most of the day, which is why my hands ache so much. I guess I could set my smart thermostat to keep it at a certain temp in the flat, but I am in and out all of the time and don’t want it running when I am out of the flat. The heating specialist told me that smart thermostats can learn your schedule and turn the heating or cooling on only when you are home, but I am pretty bad at programming them.



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Taking a nap in 30 minutes beside my air purifier

I have about 30 minutes of work left online, followed by a quick 15 minute yoga session, and then I am going to plop in bed for an hour or so and just rest my body and mind.

In about three or so hours I am going to head over to my friend’s place to hang out with my bandmate and a few friends and just have fun. We may sing some songs and we may play a boardgame later after that. It is a fun group of people and they all like to sing too. Air duct cleaning is on the agenda tomorrow morning as I report to work for the new contractor in town. That probably won’t be as much fun as singing and playing games, but we need money to make it in this world. I like doing duct cleaning and ductwork sealing now and then, as it gets me moving and around other people. I have a tendency to spend too much time alone at home, so having a job like that really helps a hermit like me to get out more. I think we are doing some air purification system setups next week too, and my HVAC tech partner is ready to get going on them so we can earn some cash. I’m sure she is going to be messaging me tomorrow morning at 7am to make sure I am awake, as I have a tendency to oversleep now and then. My smart thermostat actually has an alarm on it that I can set, but I am pretty bad when it comes to programmable thermostats.
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Washable filters are really nice

We now have 16 songs on our Soundcloud page and are pushing closer towards my goal of 50 songs by the end of the year.

We have been making about 3 or 4 songs a month recently, and if we can keep up this pace we will surpass the 50 song goal before the end of the year.

60 songs would be amazing by the end of 2023, but I don’t want to put a bunch of junky bad songs on the page just to have songs. I think 50 songs is enough so that we can play at local businesses in the winter with nice furnaces keeping us warm in the mountains. We are also trying to get with a couple booking agencies so we can do shows in other towns and countries. My bandmate sells whole home air purification systems and wants to cut down to part time work for the local contractor so he can focus more time and energy into music. I would like to cut an album by the end of the year with our top 15 tracks, and maybe out of those there would be three great songs that people really love. My HVAC rep boss is still having me do a/c set ups during the week but I told him I may need to take a leave of absence if we start getting lots of gigs in local businesses. He totally understands as he has seen me doing music for a few years now and he knows how much I really love playing.

Air conditioning maintenance

No work at the heating supplier

So I have opted for an easier lunch of grilled cheese and tomato juice instead of a salad, basically because I am lazy and don’t feel like making a big salad.

  • I will double down tomorrow though and eat a salad for lunch and dinner.

I normally eat a salad every single day for lunch, but this weekend was a bit hectic with the partying so I am going the easier route today with the sandwich. I think the grilled cheese is in the neutral category healthwise, but the tomato juice kind of offsets it with its high vitamin content. Heater and a/c repairs are a lot easier to do when you are not hungry, which is why I went for the higher calorie lunch today, seeing that I am going to be working all day at a commercial HVAC job and need to have energy to do so. I will knock down a lot of salads this week though and make up for my laziness today with the grilled fat sandwich. I need to visit the air conditioning supplier this week to snag a few HEPA filters for my system, and then I am going to take the rest of the week and focus on playing music with my band. We have a gig in two days at this swanky bar that is located in the basement of a really old building. We will have a good heating system in there to keep us warm while we practice, as basements in this town can get really cold at night. It should be a fun night.



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Four more hours for propane boiler

The other option I have is to go to the mountain with my bandmate for ten days and play some music in the local businesses up there, which is probably the best option because they have some really nice lodges with very warm fireplaces to keep us comfy

My stomach is starting to tell me that it is time for lunch. I don’t have my salad prepared so that means I will have to go and cut up the lettuce and all of the other stuff that goes in it. Or I can just make a grilled cheese sandwich and eat it with a glass of tomato juice, but I think the salad is the healthier option in the end. I guess those things that take more work in life end up being better for us usually, so I need to get up and make that salad. Heating repair is the work for the day and I need to have a full stomach so I have the energy to do the work at the heating supplier’s shop. It should only take a couple of hours and then I am going to meet my friend for a little leg workout on the beach. I need to decide if I am working on my air conditioner tomorrow or if I am going to practice volleyball, as there is a tournament in about a week and I may play in it. The other option I have is to go to the mountain with my bandmate for ten days and play some music in the local businesses up there, which is probably the best option because they have some really nice lodges with very warm fireplaces to keep us comfy. I want to do some traveling soon and play gigs in other towns so maybe it is best to hit the mountain and practice with my bandmate.

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Cold a/c systems and grabbing the carrot

Sometimes you are given an opportunity in life, and if you don’t go for it you may never get that opportunity again.

  • This is what we are faced with right now as my bandmate and I are on the verge of something great, but his fear is paralyzing and if he doesn’t go for it then we may fall apart and be done.

We have been making some amazing songs, and a lot of people are talking about how much they like the music, but if my bandmate shies away from success then our opportunity may vanish forever. Heating and cooling repairs is what he does during the week, but his heart is with music and he needs to believe that he can make it happen or why even bother trying. I think he is very depressed and the depression is keeping him from taking the next step in success, and with me being his bandmate it isn’t helping me much with him being hesitant like this. I also work in the HVAC industry doing a lot of cooling system repairs and things like that, but I know that my music can take me places that this heating and cooling industry can’t, and so I want to push and make it happen before I get too old. I will try to get him on the same page as I am, but if he keeps being like a turtle then I will have no other option but to leave him and find another person who is hungry for success. Until then I’ll keep working on furnaces and heat pumps till the time is right to move on.
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Bumps in the road and heating maintenance

Just had a little skirmish with my roommate but I think we have sorted it all out now.

Life can throw you all kinds of curveballs and bumps, but if you have some patience and a little bit of love you can get through them with little stress.

I am a bit tired from hitting this bar too late last night, but the good news is that I think we may have a gig playing music there in two more days. I think it is an open mic jam session, so we won’t play long, but they have a fireplace next to the stage and I think it would be really cool to film us playing that night. I would like to get into other local businesses to perform but we need some good footage in a club, and this one with a nice fireplace for heating would be great. I will do my best that night to make a good show and hopefully we will get some more gigs out of it in the long run. My goal is to quit the HVAC business job in a few months and rely totally on the money I make from doing gigs to pay all of my bills. I think this summer will be a defining period for our band, and if we are lucky and push ourselves a bit I think we can end up making it work. My HVAC tech bandmate is a bit scared of success, but I think I can push him along and make our dream come true soon.

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