Procrastinating over group fitness class

I have been checking out group fitness training classes.

I just can’t seem to manage to workout on my own. Once I’m done with work I feel tired, sluggish and can’t get motivated. I just want to sit in my favorite armchair, watch television and snack. Getting dressed, packing a bag and driving to the gym just sounds exhausting. The majority of times, I just don’t go. I think if I paid for a group fitness, I might actually show up for it. If there is a personal trainer expecting me to be in class and other students ready to workout with me, I am more likely to go. I am hoping I enjoy the workout moreas part of a group as well. When I am on my own it is too easy to engage in simple exercises that aren’t all that demanding. I often walk on the treadmill rather than run. I am quick to avoid the weightlifting area and I like to read while pedaling a stationary bike. Maybe if the other people in class were exerting themselves and working to max capacity,, I would too. I know that some certified fitness trainers pair people up in class. They have partners use medicine balls, battle ropes, weighted poles and partner abdominal crunches together. Maybe I would do better if I had a buddy sharing the class with me. Having a fitness expert watching my progress will make me work harder. The instructor will motivate me to prove myself. I don’t want to be known as the lazy student in the class. I’d also know if I am doing any of the exercises wrong. The final step is actually signing up for the classes and showing up at the first one. That is going to be a big challenge for me to get over.


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Getting up early for my workout makes for a better day

My day can be fantastic or just okay. My mood and energy level depend on how early I get up in the morning. If I manage to get up nice and early, I can start my day the right way. I make myself a cup of coffee and drive straight to the local health and fitness center. I take an hour-long group fitness class led by a certified fitness instructor. The class is geared heavily toward cardio and energizing drills. We do a lot of jump roping, hopping, skipping and even some styles of dancing and kicks. By the end of the hour, my heart is pumping and I am dripping with sweat. I feel loose and healthy. Heading to work doesn’t seem so awful. I am in a wonderful mood and my body feels fantastic. After work, I then have the opportunity to run any errands I need. I make it home with enough time to enjoy myself a bit before supper. If I am lazy in the morning and sleep too long, everything gets messed up. I can’t make it to the group fitness class. I have to drive straight to work where I feel sluggish, tired and my body is stiff and sore. I am forced to do the fitness class held after work at the local gym. The second class is a yoga styled one. That class is more about relaxing and finding a sense of peace. I get a bit bored and feel as if I’m wasting my time. It is the only class available and I refuse to skip the workout. I then don’t have a chance to complete errands unless I want to hurry. I still need to make dinner the moment I arrive home. It is rather awful. I end up with a very unpleasant schedule and in a bad mood when I don’t get up in time to workout in the morning.


Running stairs is a great way to workout

During college, one of my preferred ways of working out was to go for a run and jog all the stairs.

My campus was extensive plus there were tons of stairs in various locations. During bad weather, I would stay inside the dorm and sprint up the many flights of stairs. I could also pic out a lecture hall or the library and run those stairs as well. Running stairs is a great workout for the body. My butt, calves and thighs benefited from this type of training. Once I graduated from college, I simply didn’t have access to stairs anymore. My rental house is one story. I job through the city and there’s very little level change. I recently discovered that there is a fitness center located near my home that offers equipment that simulates stairs. One equipment looks just like a rotating ladder. I use both hands and feet to climb, and it’s quite strenuous. Another piece of equipment is set up so that it feels as if you are walking up a set of stairs. It is not the same as running actual stairs, but it comes fairly close. I have also come across other types of fitness gear that I like. I make an effort to use the rowing machine while at the gym. I also enjoy using the elliptical, stationary bike and a quick run on the treadmill. Someday I plan to own a two story house where I can run real stairs again. Or maybe I could live near a university campus where I could access their stairs. I am making do with what is available, but it isn’t ideal. I am wondering if there are other women in the area who have the same unusual interest and might like to form a group fitness class.
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Pregnancy will interrupt my workout routines

In a couple of months, my husband and I plan to start trying for a baby.

I am mentally prepared and excited.

I earn enough money and have a spacious home to raise a baby. Physically, I am a bit worried about having a child. I am very physically fit. I perform a tumbling based workout program six days per week. On the last day, I switch to a more cardio style workout, such as jumping rope, swimming, kayaking or riding my bike. I engage in thirty minutes of high intensity cardio, ten minutes of weightlifting and ten of deep stretching exercises. I also add in other activities for the fun and benefits. I bike to the grocery store, kayak around the lake or take long walks through town. I enjoy being active, strong, healthy and looking good. Once I get pregnant, there will be some limitations. I know there will come a point when it’s not recommended for the heart rate to elevate too high. I also am aware of the restrictions on how much weight I can lift. Eventually my belly will grow big and make working out next to impossible. I am really dreading that aspect of the pregnancy. I’ve checked out fitness classes designed for expecting ladies and they look awful. There is no cardio. There’s no weight lifting whatsoever. I don’t want to gain a ton of weight and struggle to lose it after the baby arrives. I don’t want to end up terribly out of shape. I think that there is just now to avoid it. I don’t see myself at 8 months pregnant going for runs and jumping rope.


Pregnancy will interrupt my workout routines

No longer having access to a gym

My boyfriend and I recently moved further south. The transition has been very exciting. Our home is twice the square footage of what we are accustomed to. We finally have more than one bathroom, lots of property and we’re located right near my mom and dad. The downside is that my boyfriend and I moved out of the city and to a very rural area. In the city where I used to live, anything I could possibly need or want was easily accessible. I used to have groceries delivered the same day right to my front door. I could run to the bank, post office, get gas and go shopping for nearly any item in under ten minutes. I also had a core progression located nearby. Four mornings per week I took a group training class with a fitness expert. I really enjoyed having that regular routine and the ability to keep in good shape. In the more rural area where I now live, there isn’t anything like that. There are several restaurants, but the food isn’t all that good. The closest gas station is about fifteen minutes away. I can’t order groceries but have to physically drive to the store if I need eggs. The worst drawback is having no gym anywhere nearby. I would need to drive thirty minutes to use the local gym that offers hardly any equipment. I have been figuring out ways to workout at home. I have an abundance of property. I have been thinking about setting up a gym for myself. I could purchase a pre-built shed, insulate it and have Heating, Ventilation, and A/C installed. I’d then require folding mats, weights, some fitness equipment and a decent sound system. It will be expensive, but it will be so helpful to have a dedicated spot to workout. I think the effort and cost would be worth it for me.

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Getting an arm workout at the gym

Men and women typically prefer to focus on different parts of their body during a workout.

  • The men seem to concentrate on their backs, shoulders and arms, while women are all about their butss, tummies and legs; I am no exception to this norm.

My legs are lined and sculpted with muscle. My butt has no fat whatsoever and is a hard rock. I even have built quite impressive abs through a lot of hard work. I am all over fit with the exception of my biceps and triceps. I have rather thin arms that are not as toned as I’d like. When I workout I perform a lot of cardio activities or work on my legs. I run, bike, swim and do lots of lunges. I often jump rope or do some squats and mountain climbers. I rarely make time to do push ups, hold the plank position or lift free weights. I just don’t enjoy working on my arms. Recently, I signed up at a gym because I haven’t been able to properly motivate myself. The physical fitness class I joined is definitely geared toward arm workouts. Fortunately, the personal trainer doesn’t ask me to do exercises I could easily do at home. I am delighted that there is a lot of equipment I could never afford to add to my home gym. There are battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls as well as weighted poles to utilize. I am matched with a partner in order to toss a medicine ball back and forth, pull on a rope and motivate each other. It is nice having someone else to encourage me to work harder. I like the class because I know I am not injuring my muscles or performing an exercise incorrectly. The personal trainer has encouraged me to try new things and I’m seeing the benefits already.
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Working toward recovery after an accident

I recently got struck by a car when I was riding my motorcycle.

The guy was texting on his phone and didn’t stop quick enough at the red light.

His car hit the back of my bike and sent me flying over the handlebars. I ended up badly injured. My shoulders especially took the worst of the impact. I eventually got my hospital bills paid for by the guy’s insurance, but I am still set back in so many ways. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning, driving my car and working out. My shoulders are always tight and sore, which affects my whole back. I checked online for strategies that might help. I have tried changing what I eat and I’ve gotten a massage. I went to see a chiropractor a few times. I know I have found the right solution for my pain and recovery. There is a body wellness center located near my home that provides health and recovery programs. A certified fitness expert instructs a class for people with pre-existing injuries. The class is designed to help men and women increase mobility, balance and strength without further injuring themselves. I have consulted with a personal trainer on the phone about the class and my various concerns. I know this is going to be the perfect fit for me. There are other people who have been in similar accidents in the class. There are also a few senior citizens and people who suffer physical disabilities. My goal is to be able to work out and suffer less daily pain. I think having the assistance of a professional will make all the difference. At the very least, I hope to be able to sleep through the night and b turn my head comfortably when I shift the car into reverse.


I need to be able to support my own body weight

For a long time, I liked to say that I was an academic and I never bothered to workout.

I put on weight as I grew older but it didn’t bother me too much.

I recently attended a conference for work and spent the night in a hotel room. Getting out of the shower proved to be a problem. I slipped on the wet floor and fell down hard. I wound up hitting my head and ribs so hard that I needed to be rushed to the hospital. I was frustrated that my accident cost me time, money and was super embarrassing. I realized that if I had been able to catch my own weight in a plank position, I would have been OK. Since I was so weak and out of shape, I ended up really hurting myself and missing quite a bit of work. Since that accident, I have been attending the core progression near me on a regular basis. The gym provides physical training classes led by a certified fitness instructor. The personal trainer is very good at what she does. I am building strength so that I can support my own body weight in various positions. I have become aware of the importance of stretching, maintaining muscle strength and balance. I don’t do any hardcore weight lifting or anything. I have started to jump rope and I run on a treadmill. I feel much better already. All the exercises have been wonderful for my body and health. I am getting so much stronger everyday. Maybe I will eventually workout to target weight loss as well. For now, I am just hopeful that I might be able to hold my own body weight in a plank.

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Keeping active most of the time pays off

I look my best right now, and I am proud to say that.

  • Everything I do is focused on being healthy and physically fit.

While my job is handled online and I sit at a computer during the workday, I am only stationary for those hours of the day. I take an hour out of my work day to get a strenuous workout in. I make sure to carefully warm up and stretch my muscles. I don’t want my body feeling tight and possibly overdoing and injuring myself. I then perform a heavy cardio routine for approximately thirty to forty minutes. Sometimes I will add in some weight lifting into my regular routine. Occasionally, I try out an online video for a new ab workout. After my workout, I shower and then finish up my work day. If weather permits, I immediately head outside. I like to pull weeds in my gardens, rake the leaves, trim the hedges or simply walk around my property. That is my favorite thing to do. I love just walking. I use walking as a form of meditation and relaxation. I listen to music, forget any stress from the day and just zone out. A lot of people wonder if this is part of my daily work out. I don’t work up a sweat but I walk for about 45 minutes everyday. I am not sure how many miles that adds up to. I don’t look at it as part of my workout. It is just enjoyable. I know that walking helps my body to keep fit. My legs, thighs and butt look quite toned and I know it is because I am always active. When I walk for so long, I am burning calories.

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Clingy bridesmaid dress has me working out

I have about six weeks until the date of the wedding

My cousin Susan is getting married this year. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. She decided to let the girls each choose a different style of dress in the color she had selected. All the options were clingy, short dresses made of cheap fabric. The color is light pink, which I despise. I chose what I felt was the most flattering style of dress for my figure and even sized up just to be safe. I received the dress in the mail and I am truly discouraged. The dress clings to my tummy. It makes my arms look huge. The dress actually fits, but it makes me appear rather overweight. Getting an even bigger size might not even solve the problem. I am thinking that I need to lose weight before Susan’s wedding. I need to flatten my stomach and thin down as well as tone up my arms. Maybe the baby pink color and clingy fabrics won’t look quite so hideous. I located a health and wellness center nearby that offers personal training. I can choose between a group physical training class or take a private session with a certified fitness expert. I am prepared to pay more for private sessions. I have no clue how to properly stretch, warm up or target the different areas of the body. I hope to learn these basics before I join a group class. I have about six weeks until the date of the wedding. It is my plan to work super hard and get my body in better shape. I don’t want to be embarrassed when I walk down the aisle and stand in front of everyone.
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