Smart Thermostat Seemed Like a Good Gift

I was a little concerned when he was about to open our gift but I know he would still love me regardless of whether he liked the gift or not.

I was feeling a little depressed about my husband’s birthday. I had no proposal what to get him & it was almost the big day. He kept going on about how he knew I was going to get him the most thoughtful birthday present. I thought about what I had gotten for him in recent years. I remember the portable heating system that he seemed to like. He genuinely still uses that in the winter. I have gotten him all kinds of power tools, & I recognize a guy could never have too many tools. I wanted something more personal than that. Then it hit me when this Heating, Ventilation and A/C commercial showed up on TV. They were talking about a lot of amazing Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems & smart control units. They were showcasing this recognizable smart control unit highlight that included a touchscreen & showed the outside temperatures also. It genuinely functioned in a way to tell you the outdoor weather conditions & save immense money on the energy costs. This is what I decided to gift him with. I was a little concerned when he was about to open our gift but I know he would still love me regardless of whether he liked the gift or not. Even if he wasn’t impressed, he might say it’s the thought that counts or something proper like that. He looked absolutely cheerful when he opened up the gift & saw the up-to-date touch screen smart control unit. He was excited to install it & he got to job on it instantaneously. Before I could put away the cake, he had the smart app on both of our PCs & he was showing me how to adjust the temperature control settings via smartphone app.


Infomercials Might as Well be Called Lie-Mercials

My better half has been upset at me lately because I keep seeing infomercials on TV at night.

I don’t know why but these stupid infomercials are causing me to lose my good sense.

I start getting hooked in seeing these amazing hamburger cookers or flashlights that also have a knife & a corkscrew. I have ordered things like washable air filters – which doesn’t seem terrible, except my better half likes HEPA air filters. I recently ordered a bunch of portable air conditioning system units. While they looked fabulous on TV, they aren’t so fantastic in real life. My better hals wouldn’t have been mad at me if I didn’t order so many, although I ordered 10 of them! I got that many so we could have one of these portable air conditioning system units in every room of our lovely home. My better half thought I was nuts because these portable air conditioning system units use batteries. You have to add water for them to job & they don’t even cool a small room a full degree. I had to admit, they were smaller in real life than how they looked on TV. I couldn’t get over how fabulous it looked when they were demonstrating the power of these little air conditioners, although I recognize they were just faking it, and now I have ten of these cooling systems & no one answers the emails or phone at the company. I might just keep one of them for the RV, although I absolutely don’t want to have all of these. I am too embarrassed to give these away to friends & family out of fear of having them laugh at me for thinking a battery powered a/c was a good idea.



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Better HVAC Means Happier Customers

He ended up going for it too.

My father opened up his own five and ten when I was a little youngster. I remember how tough it was at first because he couldn’t afford everything that was nice to have in a store, like a powerful Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. The shop was kind of warm at first in the summer time with only fans used to try to bring comfortable temperatures. Eventually when he finally got a/c, his store became more popular. All the kids would come for the candy & the fountain drinks & he even got a little area of video games for the kids to hang out. As long as nobody caused any trouble, they could stay. He did have to call the cops on a few occasions, but it was just a few kids trying to steal some stupid things. I worked in the store ever since I was old enough to job & I really loved the improved temperature control settings, but I wanted even better. My father was worried about having high energy costs although I told him he had to worry about client satisfaction. He admitted that it did make sense to make the clients happier. Eventually I talked our father into going ahead and getting in a better Heating, Ventilation and A/C method for the little five and ten, one that was far more energy efficient. He ended up going for it too. It’s a ductless mini split & it’s the type of Heating, Ventilation and A/C method that everyone will have in the future. It is seriously energy efficient, doesn’t require HVAC duct, & has heating & cooling capability, and it can be connected to a smart control unit so you can adjust your temperature control settings from home or across the world. After every one of us have drummed up business, our father has been considering giving me the store. I’m not sure if I’m ready but maybe I am.

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HEPA Filters Make Me Forget All About Screwdriver

Have you ever gone to the store for something but end up leaving with something entirely different? That happened to me not long ago.

The thing that makes me mad is the fact that every one of us live out in the country & the store is a long drive away.

I went there for a particular purchase in mind & I ended up looking at these HEPA air filters that were on sale. I started thinking about how it would be nice to enjoy good indoor air quality & I even was reading how nice these air filters are for your lungs. I had to get a few of these not only for our condo but for our siblings & friends. I was so gleeful bringing everybody HEPA air filters to try that I forgot about what I was supposed to be there to buy. When I got home, our husband asked instantaneously where the screwdriver was. He had asked me to go to the hardware store to pick up a different screwdriver since his genuinely broke on him while he was screwing in some heavy duty screws on a project he was doing. That totally slipped our mind when I saw those HEPA air filters. He really did like those air filters & abruptly installed one & threw out the old air filter. He admitted he could already recognize the air quality improving. But he was disappointed because he would have to go back to the store to get the screwdriver he needed since he couldn’t job without that screwdriver. I wish I would have written it down or something, although I didn’t know I needed a list to remember one little item.

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Furnaces and Air Conditioners Vary According to Region

One thing that never genuinely clicked in our head when I was young was that there are a lot more places in the world than our small hometown.

Of course, don’t get me wrong- I knew there were other places, of course, although I didn’t genuinely understand that weird sites meant a lot of different weather conditions. I thought everywhere was a more-or-less humid little southern town with an average thermostat reading of 70 degrees. When I went off to school, however, I was awakened and realized that there was a whole slew of biomes in the US; way more than I had ever genuinely taken the time to guess about. One of my friends in our freshman year was downright surprised that all of the dorms had air conditioners installed. That remark struck me as so ridiculous at first – why wouldn’t we? Apparently, he was from up north, where air conditioners are not everywhere. She had explained that there just hadn’t been a historic need for air conditioners like we have where I was born & raised. Another of our friends had remarked that for his family, in the frigid mid-west region of the US, his family had a furnace & heater, but no regular AC unit. She even went on to say that every year his family had an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker come & maintenance their heating system two or three times each year, to ensure it was constantly equipped to handle whatever wicked weather dominated the region. Learning about the weird sites all of our classmates were from was so much fun. I was especially interested in learning how that fact had so greatly influenced the varieties of our cooling & heating appliances.

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A Fireplace is Lovely but a Furnace is Necessary

Here’s the thing- I was born & raised in the southeast; our hometown was a veritable tropical locale.

And of course, this comes with an entire slew of pros & cons, perhaps the consequence with the most significant real-life impact is our inability to tolerate the winter.

Born & raised in heat, my normal is predicated on our environment not increasing below 60-something degrees. When I moved away to go to college, I abruptly befriended a lovely man named Ernest; Ernest is our best friend to this day, & has only one major character flaw- He’s a northerner. Of course, environmental stigmas aside, the issue I have with his site of origin is that he never ceased to tease me mercilessly me when I complained about feeling the drastic effects of a non-coastal winter! I love the winter, but, well just… from afar; I love it through a window pane, seeing on as I’m rocking by the fireplace & well-heated home. I guess Winter scenes, like frozen lakes & snow-frosted evergreen firs are genuinely fabulous and heart-warming! However, our opinion on their beauty abruptly dies if our heating is out, or, God forbid, our furnace needs to be serviced or repaired or replaced. My dear friend once regaled to me the tale of his family’s heating going out in the dead of February, & needing to call the Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider; they needed a heating system repair that day, & the furnace maintenance they usually used was overburdened with calls. They needed an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker to come in & replace the entire heating system because their heating system repairs would have been so time-consuming and expensive! Can you imagine? That’s why I’m consistently diligent about making sure our Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker comes out to maintain our heating system before Winter hits- I never want to experience a blizzard with only a fireplace!

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Old Man Winter Defeated by Heater

“It’s better to be prepared than to be boiling hot.” Not only was that our aunt’s preferred line, it was the tag phrase for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor

One of the things I learned as a young child was the importance of being prepared, whether that meant being to school on time, or stocking up on soup cans before a storm was expected to arrive, he made sure I was prepared for anything & everything life had to throw at me. In hurricane seasons, the whole family boarded up the windows in preparation for the storm; in summer, every one of us prepared for the daily deluges of rain by making sure our garden was properly irrigated. And in the autumn, our aunt consistently made sure every one of us were ready for winter by having our Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit worked on before December arrived. He consistently made sure to emphasize how important it was to remember to get our air conditioner & heating system worked on by our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C business. The inspection and any subsequent service would ensure it was in top now working order ahead of when it would be most important to have it working was the best way to do this, too, every springtime, our aunt made sure to contact our Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker & schedule them to come out and provide a routine air conditioner & heating service. “It’s better to be prepared than to be boiling hot.” Not only was that our aunt’s preferred line, it was the tag phrase for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor. Having our air conditioner/heater unit in the best possible shape was integral to us never having any mishaps or needing any repairs during a blizzard. While some people had do deal with the issue of calling in a Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker for an emergency repair, every one of us were happily heated & toasty in our home, knowing we were prepared for the frigid weather ahead of time by getting our Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit serviced, every one of us were more than ready for whatever Old Man Winter would throw our way.

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Great White North is Calling My Name

I mean, before I even transport in, I’m going to have called some sort of furnace service, or Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor to have a heating system upgraded to the latest, & installing heated flooring

When I am finished with my studies, one of the potential sites I am looking at moving to is Alaska; I’ve consistently been transfixed with the “Great White North”, & as I’ve grown up, & our job possibilities have matured, it seems to be the perfect fit for our future job, of course, moving so far north is going to be a immense change for me, as someone who had grown up in the southeastern US. I have yet to transport away from our hometown’s temperate paradise, so our temporal tolerance pretty much finds its conclusion at 65 degrees fahrenheit… For the forsaken few weeks a year when the thermometer dips below 60, I’m frozen to the bone, constantly complaining. So, due to our subpar frigid tolerance, & our want to transport to a much less tropical area, I’ve decided to install radiant floors in our future home! I’m truthfully hoping that Alaska has a monopoly on nice Heating, Ventilation and A/C workers, because I genuinely am convinced the only way I can thrive in such an environment is with the assurance of being heated from the ground up. I mean, before I even transport in, I’m going to have called some sort of furnace service, or Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor to have a heating system upgraded to the latest, & installing heated flooring. I’m sure our cat will be a fan of the heated floors as much as I will be; I’m sure he will greatly care about the constantly-warm flooring, as opposed to his current, regular & non-temperature controlled options. In all seriousness though, just the thought of waking up on an icy & snowy morning, getting out of our moderate bed, & stepping onto a luxurious, heated floor, set to the perfect temperature; I just know I’ll be able to excel at life despite anything the Great White North has to throw at me.

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Smart Thermostats Are Beginning of Idyllic Life

So, I know that being lazy is frowned upon; I do, then i’m well aware that lounging in bed for the entire day isn’t necessarily the most popular way to live.

I know that I need to leave our bed in the nights- for if no other reason than to avoid seeming like Charlie’s bed-ridden Grandparents from Willy Wonka, the thing is, however, I am hard-pressed to recall a singular feeling that is better than than waking up to a frigid morning & being comfortable & swaddled in the quilts on my bed.

If I could have a Jetsons type life, perfectly automated to maintenance our every whim, I guess I would pursue such a marvelous way of life. I’d love to press a magic button & vacuum the floor, or cook breakfast, or get our car started & heating up before I am out the door, but sadly, our world is still many years away from a full-replication of Jetson’s life, then but, I will say, there’s a recent invention that I think is the start of our movement towards such an idyllic way of living. There’s this thing called a smart control unit now; basically, the control unit connects to your PC through WIFI, however and while that on its own may seem idyllic, the genuinely futuristic component of this concept is that you can completely control the temperature of your home or office from the computer! I want a smart control unit so badly- never again would I have to get out of our moderate bed for the chilled halls of our house. As soon as I awaken from my restful slumber, I can just make sure our heating system is on & set to the ideal temperature. Before coming inside from mowing the grass? I can click on our a/c to make sure the house is 70 degrees. In the living room but I’m a little frigid? No need to get up & walk down the hall! This is no longer laborious afternoons of the past- no, all I need to do nowadays is pull out my smartphone & click the app; smart control units are totally the way toward an idyllic life.



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My parents were talked into buying new plastic-flex ductwork

Years ago I remember my parents being tough with grifters and snake oil salesmen. There was a situation once where these two men in their 30s were hitting all of these houses in broad daylight that happened to leave their garage doors open. One man would knock on the resident’s door and distract them with nonsense about a neighborhood watch program while the second man would pilfer the garage for whatever expensive tools they could grab and run with. When they tried to hit our house, my mom answered the door while my dad hid in the back of the garage with a shotgun in hand. When he jumped out from behind his table saw and pointed the gun at the man, the man literally fell backwards onto the concrete and screamed at the top of his lungs. He kept the gun trained on him while my mom pulled a revolver on the first man. They kept these burglars at gunpoint until the police arrived. I always had an immense respect for my parents after that moment, but it’s hard for me to recognize them the same way now that it’s 20 years later. Not only are they physically disabled to one degree or another, but their minds aren’t as sharp these days as well. They were randomly solicited by a new HVAC supplier at their front door two weeks ago. I found out about everything after the fact, but sadly they made a business arrangement with this man. He talked them into ripping out their metal ductwork and replacing it with plastic-flex duct. It has to be replaced every 15 years and it isn’t durable like metal ventilation. I wish they had called me and asked for my advice before agreeing to mutilating their ventilation system.

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