Sick and HVAC reliant

There’s nothing worse than being sick and feeling like you are out of control of your own body.

  • I hate the feeling of being nauseous, having headaches, body aches, and shakes.

However, that seems to be a routine part of my life. Whatever is going on with my immune system, it’s been a long and difficult journey so far. For the past 10 years my immune system has picked up every single cold flu and Allergy that you could possibly imagine. I’ve been spending every day just trying to stay comfortable as best I can. It’s pretty rare that I even feel good enough to get up and leave the house. With all of these health concerns going on, the only respite that I can normally find is relying on my Indoor Air Temperature Control. I don’t feel like my body can regulate its own temperature very well. I’m constantly hot or cold, sweating or shivering, and I’m rarely able to sit still and just be comfortable. Because of this, I’m continually abusing my heating and cooling system at home. I don’t feel like I have any option except to rely on the modern thermostat that I’ve installed to moderate my indoor air conditions. Whenever I get cold I pick up my phone and dial up the thermostat so that the heater kicks into gear. A few moments later when my body flashes to the other side of the spectrum, I can jump on my phone again and tell my thermostat to reduce the temperature so that my AC unit will bring things back down to a normal level. I know this is terrible for my thermostat and my HVAC equipment, but frankly I have no idea what else to do. This discomfort must end.

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