Restaurants better have good HVAC settings

There’s nothing that makes me more upset then when I try to do something nice for myself and instead I just end up spending a lot of money to be miserable.

This happens pretty often when I’m making rash decisions.

For instance the time that I tried to move into a high-end apartment building, and found out that I really hated living in that environment. There was also the time that I went out and bought myself a new car only to find that it was extremely uncomfortable to drive. In short I tend to rush into decisions that bite me in the butt later down the road. This is definitely the case when I purchased the venue for my brand new restaurant. Clearly I did not do my work when I was having the building inspected by my contractor’s. The part of the building that they neglected most was the existing HVAC system. Without the expertise to know better, I never thought to ask them to his back to the heating or cooling equipment. I thought that a thermostat is a thermostat, a furnace is a furnace, and an AC unit will do just fine. I never considered that the air ducts in the building could be 20 years old and full of disgusting dirt an animal debris. I definitely never thought that the thermostat would be an old school plastic dial that barely controlled any of the heating or cooling equipment. I also never imagined that I would have inherited an AC unit originally installed over 25 years ago. As soon as I moved my things into this brand new space, the trouble began. My contractors and employees begin walking out each day as the heat filled this space. So far, this brand new restaurant idea has been a lot of work without making any progress. I guess this is why you inspect the HVAC system before you buy

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