New office, old heating

Sometimes I wonder about the decisions that my boss is make.

They aren’t always the most reasonable things I’ve ever heard.

Recently they decided that we should move our entire operation to a new building. That sounds like a great idea, considering we were working out of a pretty old and stagnant office building. However, you would be surprised at the details that they forgot to iron out before we made the move. For instance, although the building that we’re moving into is new to us, it’s not actually brand new. This workspace has been around for about two decades already, and in that time I do not think the heating system has ever been replaced. It seems like a detail that our realtor and contractors probably should have relayed to my bosses… And maybe they did. But I can tell you that my bosses didn’t do anything to improve HVAC system before our entire office of people moved in. Instead, we all arrived you a hot and sticky new office as we tried to move our personal belongings to our brand new work spaces. Immediately, we assumed that the HVAC system just needed to be powered on so we could get some fresh AC flowing through the space. However, it turns out that the AC yet already was running. When I ask my boss has if they had inspected the HVAC system prior to purchasing this new space, they just looked confused and shook their heads. Long story short oh, we’re now paying a professional HVAC company to come in and redo every part of the office so that we have a comfortable space to work in. In the meantime, we’re all working at Starbucks.

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