Touchy family ruins AC

My family is incredibly challenging to be around.

It’s a lot of immense personalities all shoved into one space.

Things tend to explode. My family is also harshly identifiable and almost everyone thinks that they had no more than the rest. This can be a immense concern when my fine friend and I have pressing partys, because nobody is cheerful. This is what happened recently when I made the mistake of having a immense family party at my house. For some reason, I thought that my fine friend and I can all manage to get along these mornings. My friend and I are, after all, adults now. What I did not plan on was my entire family having diverse air temperature preferences in my house. Sure, it’s summer time time so the outdoor air is pretty hot. That’s why I had the A/C device running at an easy 69 degrees. This felt pretty fine to me, but I know it wasn’t suiting the needs of the rest of my family. Not that they could reach an agreement among themselves. Instead, every member of the family took a turn on strolling over to the central temperature control and playing with the dials for a while. Everyone was getting their hands on the temperature control device, lifting the temperature a few degrees or dropping it back down. My A/C device had no idea what was going on. It was getting yanked all over the venue running on high levels and low levels, being powered on and off all day long. At the end of this stupid family party, I had spent well over $50 just on energy bills, and Lord knows what happened to my A/C device long term.


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