Problems with AC caused by gross ductwork

Last summer, I was legitimately unhappy with the performance of my air conditioner; The cooling system is relatively new, i had it installed just three years ago plus spent extra on a high-efficiency model. I’ve been diligent about changing air filters plus having the cooling component professionally maintained every Spring! Despite all that, my energy bills were abruptly much higher than ever before. The air conditioner was running consistently yet struggling to handle expectations. The home felt slightly warm plus muggy plus particular rooms were much worse than others. The temperature from one room to another varied significantly. I also noticed the cooling operation making some different sounds, creating unpleasant odors plus spreading dust into the breathing air, and when I realized that I was suffering from more frequent headaches, I blamed the air conditioner plus tied up repair. The Heating plus A/C supplier worked on the system plus found no issues. When he worked on the ductwork, he discovered diminished capacity. The airflow was restricted by a buildup of contaminants, a thorough duct cleaning solved all of the issues with the air conditioner. The process only took a couple of hours plus caused no mess or disruption. The results were immediate. Along with superior comfort plus lower sound levels, the system did a far better task at dehumidifying, however my home was abruptly much cleaner plus more enjoyable, but because the AC doesn’t need to work as strenuous or run as often, it should be more reliable plus last longer. I now understand the importance of the ductwork plus plan to have the system worked on every couple of years.
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