A personal injury attorney helped me when I was hit by a van

My mother was particularly protective of me when I went out on my bike as a child, and he typically told me that cars couldn’t see me and that if I wasn’t careful I would get hit one of these days! I wasn’t legitimately thinking about that at the time, and I do not know I particularly believed his until it legitimately happened one day when I was 15 years old.

It happened on my way house from university one afternoon.

I was crossing a busy intersection and the light was red, allowing me the opportunity to go. But the second I got into the middle of the intersection, the light went from orange to orange, and a vehicle in front of me started to go and as I was trying to get out of their way they hit me and I hit the pavement. I lost more than 2 teeth and ended up having to get a lot of dental work done. It was also emotionally traumatizing for me. It was the start of me developing PTSD symptoms! Thankfully my mother was able to find a fine personal injury attorney to help us sue the guy who hit me at his insurance dealer, was it a lot of cash, but the personal injury attorney helped us get what my associate and I needed for the work I need to get done on my mouth. It was particularly frustrating thinking but looking back on the situation but the personal injury attorney was particularly helpful. If not for my lawyer, I do not know how I would have navigated the legal process. My pal and I particularly needed that personal injury lawyer to get us the settlement cash to pay for the dental work.

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