Heating device is blowing cool air

You would expect a heating system that was professionally installed by seasoned Heating and A/C experts to labor optimally. This explains my shock when all of a sudden the current heating system we got for the loft started blowing cold air. It was in the middle of winter and no amount of blankets seemed to keep us warm. I had checked the heating system only to discover that it blew cold air instead of heating the space. I quickly called the heating system repair experts that installed the heating system for us. Since it was in the middle of the night, the Heating and A/C specialist suggested holding on till the next afternoon. Fortunately, we had a portable heating system that we had randomly purchased from the Heating and A/C corporation in town and my pal and I used it in the family room. The Heating and A/C provider was at my doorstep early the next day and his first suspect was the control unit. He expressed the opportunity of someone accidentally resetting the control component without knowing. The heating system fan setting was alright as it was on auto, and this meant that the fans only ran when necessary. Since the usual heating system setting seemed okay, he diagnosed the control unit’s batteries next. These were also pretty current and required no change. With everything about the control component checking out, he moved on to check the filters. He wanted to see if the filter was too obstructed to hinder satisfactory airflow. This wasn’t the case as the heating system was newly installed. The Heating and A/C specialist then diagnosed the high limit switch and this is where the heating system had an issue. The power had shut down in an attempt to protect the compressor from overheating. The Heating and A/C professional recommended some heating system repair maintenance to rectify such problems. He recommended professional heating services to avoid extreme risks, as furnaces can be complex and should not be fixed by DIY attempts.


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