Buying a heat pump to avoid ductwork installation

When building our forever home two years ago, we didn’t see the need for ductwork. The heating dealer had already told us we could go ductless with a heat pump, and it seemed like a neater job, especially in the basement, which we were keen to use for other things apart from random storage space. That’s how we ended up as the only home without a furnace in the neighborhood. The HVAC tech from the local heating industry shop guided us through picking the best ductless heating device for our home, and we ended up with an air-source one. We also needed to ensure that our home remained well insulated, and with a digital thermostat in place l, our dreams for a ductless home were realized. Our home contractor had to pick ideas from several sustainable home designs because we needed to maximize how we could keep our house warm even on the coldest days during winter. With new heating technology to consider, the contractor was keen to ensure we didn’t freeze over in the house if the device failed. We are also signed up to access an HVAC serviceman if we ever have an emergency with the heating or cooling through the home services offered by the heating business. It’s more of a comfort-seeking action, but we haven’t needed to use it because our setup has not failed us yet. However, we keep up to date with quarterly heating maintenance to ensure that the device works optimally, but it takes little work. In our previous home, we had endless drama with duct sealing gone wrong after we did a self-repair that failed and followed up with the professionals, but it was too late; we had to pay for extensive heating repair.

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