Always arguing with my HVAC coworker

Ed, my HVAC coworker, and I are always arguing.

He is the most stubborn individual I’ve ever encountered.

He believes he understands everything and is constantly attempting to prove me wrong. We work for a big HVAC company, and our tasks are ensuring the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are in good working order. It seems like every day we fight about everything. It can range from the best method to repair a broken fan to the most effective way to cool a space. It just seems that we always disagree. But eventually, things started to change. As time went by, our disagreements helped us find better solutions to the issues. One day we were tasked with repairing an HVAC system in a big business building. We knew we had to do it properly. Ed and I started again with our arguing as we tried to find the best method to solve the issue. This time, however, was different. Rather than become frustrated, I chose to look at Ed’s viewpoint. It was strange at first but as it turned out, he had a great idea that I never even thought about. So we decided to put his idea into action, and it worked out beautifully. Things between Ed and me changed after that day. We still fought though, but we started to listen to each other’s views. Our disagreements turned into healthy discussions. This resulted in us finding better answers to issues we encounter. It turned out that Ed’s stubbornness actually helped us become better problem solvers. Sometimes you just need to communicate better.


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