My heater is too strong

I love that I have a portable space heater.

It’s just a shame because my portable space heater is nice, but it’s just too strong.

Therefore, I have to lower the thermostat on it when I have it on at night while I sleep to prevent me from suffering a heat stroke. It has that much strength. The portable space heater was something I had considered returning. However, I had purchased it on sale, and if I returned it, I would either have to do without having a portable space heater or I would have to purchase a replacement that cost almost twice as much as this one. Instead, I made the decision to keep it and put up with the extremely strong heating it produced. Because if you just keep that in mind and just make sure that the thermostat is set at a specific place, it does work and it works well. After all the adjusting, it now functions perfectly for me. I actually marked it with notes and markings on some tape to indicate what temperature the room will actually reach when I position it in a particular location. That is my experience and the way I manage this far too powerful portable space heater that I purchased. I’m sure that other space heaters wouldn’t operate in this way. I recently purchased a portable space heater, which is unfortunately too powerful in the current heating and cooling market. However, everything is fine, and to be completely honest, I am glad to have such a strong portable space heater.


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