My car’s trunk has an air conditioner bouncing

My car seems to be having some issues.

I feel anxious because of the loud banging in the back.

I hear a bang each time I hit a bump. I hope my struts or anything else is in working order. I’m not really interested in paying money to have a mechanic fix my car. Whatever the case, my anxiety began to take over, and I was unable to drive to work any longer due to my concern that it would crash en route. The mechanic shop was closed when I pulled up, and it wouldn’t open for another 15 minutes. I didn’t mind waiting for 15 minutes because I wasn’t going to drive anywhere. I see you arrived a little early. Can I help you? the mechanic said as he emerged from the garage after 5 minutes. I told him that I thought my car might have a serious problem and asked him to take a look at it. No issue, let’s bring it in, he said. He declared that there was nothing wrong with my car after waiting a short while. I told him that I was extremely perplexed and that when I hit bumps on the awful roads we have, loud noises can be heard. He then inquired as to whether I had searched the trunk for any items. An air conditioner that had been moved around a lot was there when I opened my trunk. I was giving this to the thrift shop when I realized that my husband had central air conditioning installed in our house by an HVAC technician. After feeling foolish, I thanked the mechanic for his assistance and informed him that I would now have to dispose of a broken air conditioner. He assured me that he would discard it without receiving payment. I should remember to always check the trunk.


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