My boyfriend despises the air conditioning

I’ve been dating Eric, my boyfriend, for about a year now.

  • I have never met a man who is as sweet and kind as him.

He has previously admitted to me that he went through a long line of women before finding me. I kind of thought that was a lie, but a year has passed and his previous relationship with me lasted for only three months. He doesn’t let me turn on the air conditioning is the only thing I don’t like, but I think we’ll get there eventually. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t like the cold, but it’s not a deal-breaker. The freezer is stocked with anything I want, and he lets me eat any kind of ice cream I want. This relationship would have likely ended long ago if he hadn’t allowed me to eat whatever I wanted. So, I suppose that we never having to call the cooling company or have a cooling technician come to our home is a positive. But a year has passed with no new problems. He is generally nice, though I don’t like how his brother sometimes sneaks over. He sneaks into my ice cream, which I also find offensive. I can see this relationship lasting, but if he wants it to, I will most definitely be using the air conditioning in the future. I do care about him, and I’m beginning to grow weary of the chilly showers. I can see myself continuing to eat ice cream for the rest of my life, but I am aware that eventually I will start to gain weight from it, which I cannot allow to happen. On the other hand, I may be content and happy by that time.


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