Dad fell head first into the window air conditioner

Over the last few weeks, Dad has put in a lot of work.

  • His body has been suffering as a result, as you can see.

He appears to drink about 5 cups of coffee each day, and that’s before noon. He probably drinks more than that in the afternoon. I suppose that is what happens when you run your own roofing company in the summer. He would be doing better if he had the staffing, but since he doesn’t, he is always working. I wish I could help him, but I’m only 11 and I’m afraid of heights. He means the world to me, but I’m hoping that as I get older, this fear will vanish. I try to put myself in situations where I can try to overcome that fear, but hopefully someday. We were conversing today, or more accurately, barely conversing because his speech was a little slurred from lack of sleep. He was about to get his fourth cup of coffee when, all of a sudden, he lost his balance and his head slammed into the window air conditioner. It was around ten in the morning. I started crying because I was so confused as soon as my mother ran to him; you can see the fear on her face. What happened just now? Out of the window, the window air conditioner suddenly fell to the ground. He hit it so hard with his head. Dad was unconscious when mom dialed 911. Our neighbor, an HVAC technician, told us not to worry and said he would check to make sure the air conditioner was okay before the ambulance arrived. Although I’m grateful that a cooling specialist lives next door, our attention is on my father.

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