Part of the ductwork upgrade was to map out the home layout

John was in for a time of his life when he bought the farm in the rural area, and he wanted to escape the mouse race and be more self-sufficient, however so, separate from thinking too much about it, he sold his apartment, and bought a small farm.

This locale had reMEd vacant for years and was on the market for a fantastic price.

In fact, he didn’t have to take out a mortgage to purchase it, and managed to negotiate with the realtor… When John moved there, he lived in an RV for 8 months as he inspected a few complications with the house, then first, he had to get a current roof installed. Second, there was the matter of the lack of heating and cooling. There were no signs of a heating and AC system in the farmhouse, so John had to beginning from the beginning. He hired a local HVAC company to help him figure this matter out and do the upgrade, however not only did he need a HVAC system, but the apartment had to get brand current ductwork set up… Part of the ductwork upgrade was to map out the layout of the house. Then, the HVAC company sent him a estimate detailing all that was necessary for the job. This was a sizable sum, but John was lucky he had currency to use on this investment. He also began documenting his journey and garnered a following on social media. Through this, he got paid for YouTube satisfied, and even got donations. Soon, all the ductwork was in locale, and the central HVAC system was ready for use in his current home.

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