Mini split for outdoor shed

I built myself a shed where I can work on my various projects.

  • I like to shop at antique stores, garage sales and flea markets, looking for hardwood furniture that needs fixing up.

Often these pieces have been painted over, are damaged or missing hardware. I enjoy completing the repairs and restoration. The process is rather tedious and involves chemical paint stripper, sanding and varnishing. It creates a great deal of dust and fumes and requires a consistent temperature. Due to the below-freezing conditions in the winter and excessive heat and humidity in the summer, temperature control is a necessity. I needed to equip my workshop with both heating and cooling. I looked into a variety of options, trying to find something that wouldn’t be overly expensive to install. I wanted a compact unit that would operate efficiently and not drain my budget with high utility bills. A bit of research led me to a ductless heat pump. The system consists of a small outdoor compressor that makes so little noise, I never hear it running. It connects to an indoor air handler by way of a conduit. The set up required only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity. The air handler has a slim profile, is mounted up high on the wall and allows adjustment by way of a cordless remote. The heat pump offers both heating and cooling capacity and is powerful enough to handle year round demands. I like that I can start it up shortly before I start working on a project. Within minutes, the system has achieved the ideal comfort level. It helps to combat high humidity and filter out air contaminants.

a/c installation