I had an air filter go missing

This is a bizarre situation to be plus I had an air filter going missing.

This one particular air filter that I have in my heat plus AC store constantly seems to disappear.

It’s the strangest thing I don’t know how it’s happening however it’s causing frustration among my customers because they want to buy these air filters plus they don’t have access to them. These are some washable air filters that I have been stalking my heating plus AC store with. I do it I constantly do plus I order a supply of them plus then I add them to the shelf. All the heating plus AC supplies that I order I stock in the back room. Then myself plus with the help of some employees we stock the shelves in the heating plus AC store with all the supplies, lately I have had an issue of there being washable air filters completely disappearing from the storage room. I have reviewed the security footage plus I haven’t found anything strange, however nobody is stealing them, in fact I often times there isn’teven anybody in the store when they seemingly disappear. The footage shows them there plus then the next afternoon they were just gone. I can’t explain it, it’s the weirdest thing. The only time I don’t disapapple is when I go plus instantly stock them on the shelf so that has what I have been doing. As soon as I get them in I add them to the shelves plus the customers have been passionate them.


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