Climbing high to repair an air conditioner unit

I took one look down and I felt my stomach twist

I hate it when I have to climb high to repair heating and A/C stuff. But I have come to accept it as just part of the jobs that I have to do, sporadically even something that I care about doing. I have never been someone that does well with heights, not only do I have a severe fear of heights, however I have also consistently been a clumsy individual and I feel like I’m just one bad accident away from falling and cutting my neck, and so when one of the customers that my heating and A/C supplier had with somebody that had their Heating as well as A/C component on their rooftop I was not cheerful when I was the Heating as well as A/C serviceman that was chosen to be sent out to repair it. But I didn’t complain and I just tried to make the best of it, and I tried to make sure that I would be extra careful when I was up on the roof. The roof was supposed to be flatter because it was a supplier that was needing the heating and A/C repair and not a residential home. Luckily the roof was accessible from the inside and so I didn’t have to lean a ladder up along the side of the building and climb up there to get to the Heating as well as A/C unit. Even though all I had to do was climb some stairs to get to the roof I still hated being up there. I took one look down and I felt my stomach twist. I felt the need to repair the heating and A/C system as suddenly as possible and then get down from there and that has what I did. Luckily the repair on this A/C system was straight-forward and didn’t need anything complicated.

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