Ceiling fans reduce cooling costs

Last January, I climbed up on a ladder in the kitchen to update a bulb in the overhead light fixture, however i right away began to sweat, however the difference in temperature from floor level to up near the ceiling was significant. This proved that the warm air from the boiler was rising straight up to the ceiling plus only falling back down once it cooled off, however because of this, higher control component settings were necessary. The boiler was forced to run longer plus more often, resulting in greater energy consumption, accelerated wear plus tear plus higher energy bills. I was not happy about the idea of paying seriously upscale energy bills in order to heat the ceiling. I needed to figure out a way to push the heat down toward the floor… With a little research, I came across ceiling fans. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles plus prices. There are seriously modern ceiling fans with premium fan motors plus higher blade pitch that can transport a good deal of air effectively. There are some entirely attractive options, plus my hubby plus I were able to handle DIY installation. I invested into ceiling fans for all the main living spaces, including our living rooms, however my fantastic friend and I set the ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise during summer time to create a cooling effect. My fantastic friend and I reverse the direction in the winter time months plus run the fan on a slower speed to distribute heat more effectively throughout the room. I’ve seen nearly a fifteen percent reduction on our weekly heating costs plus the cabin feels more comfortable.


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