Trying to be a good neighbor but with an HVAC warning

Being a neighbor is something new for me.

I grew up in a city up north so it wasn’t exactly neighborly in the building where I lived.

It wasn’t exactly hostile either but pretty much, everyone kept to themselves. But after college and a few years of experience in the home office, I was transferred to a more rural region in a different state. Not only did I escape the intense radiant heating and non existent air conditioning of apartment life in the city, I became a neighbor. I also became a homeowner for the first time. I was really keen to take care of my home and wanted to learn all I could. I even spent an hour with the HVAC technician when he first came out to do the season HVAC maintenance. That was a very enlightening hour and gave me great respect for both residential HVAC and HVAC professionals. So when a neighbor recently asked me to hold the flashlight for him while he attempted to repair his heat pump, it was tricky. On the one hand, I really love having neighbors and do my best to be a good one. But I also knew that my neighbor was making a mistake by trying to work on his heat pump. At the very least, he was going to void the warranty. So I went over with my flashlight but I also brought some advice as well. I’m glad that he ended up calling the HVAC company. I think he just needed a nudge in the right direction and what are good neighbors for, right?

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