First night at the cabin

As I sit on the chair with my feet up on the footrest feeling the warmth of the fireplace heat I ponder what I am going to do this weekend.

  • I know my dad is going to go fishing with my grandfather and they will try to get me to join them.

My mother will spend time with my l grandmother baking and relaxing with wine on the back deck of the cabin. That leaves me and my sister. My sister loves to hike and I saw her pack everything she needs for her hiking adventure. I know I want to swim and check out the waterfall that is about a mile into the woods. It’s too cold to dive in the water though as the fall temperatures are no joke here. I packed a couple books and my space heater for the room I sleep in. I also packed my slippers because the floors are extremely cold. At home we have heated floors so I never wear them. We come to the cabin every year so I prepare for the worst. My grandfather told me last year that this cabin was his fathers so he never really wanted to upgrade it. He did the electricity though but he really needs to add new heating but he is content with just using the fireplace. I know my dad won’t upgrade it as well but if he hands it down to me someday I am going to hire a heating technician to update the heating and put new windows in. I want to be comfortable when I go to the cabin. Currently I don’t feel any comfort especially at night.