I really owe it to my grandmother

Ever since I was a youngster, my grandmother has been telling me that I would be great at different things.

At first she was telling me that I would do great on the radio because I had a pleasant voice and spoke well with people. She tried to tell me that my level of sophistication was unmatched. I never really felt like I was that awesome, and I certainly never wanted to be a radio host. I mean, I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad but I wasn’t sure if that was something I would like to deal with for a career. Then when I fixed her thermostat, she said I would make an amazing HVAC professional. I tried to explain that all I did was change the batteries, but she said it was so much more than that. She said that I carefully checked the whole HVAC system to make sure there were no problems. I even checked the ductwork to make sure there were no leaks and of course I had to check the air filter. I remember reading somewhere that clogged air filters were the cause for some 90% of HVAC repair calls. Well, her air filter wasn’t bad at all, so I knew it was likely the thermostat having issues, so I changed the batteries and it worked. She said that not just anybody would know to do all those things, but I just had a natural talent for it. She actually got me thinking about it, and I supposed that I would do alright in the HVAC industry. I ended up getting into a trade school and becoming a successful HVAC pro, and I sort of owe it to my grandmother for convincing me that I had a gift.


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