The guy was there for fifteen minutes

I contacted an Heating plus A/C repair repair when there was a problem with our control unit.

I tried 100 strange things, however I could not get the control unit to come on.

Without the control unit, I had no way to talk to the cooling system and the heater. Mine’s particular problem on that afternoon was with the heater. It was only 37 degrees outside and I couldn’t get away with a single space heater. The central heat needed to be running in order for everyone in the apartment to be comfortable. The control unit would not respond to the central heating system. I contacted the repair service. The repair specialist was only in the apartment for 15 minutes and the guy tried to charge myself and others $200 for the repair. I thought the amount of money was really ridiculous. I demanded an answer for the harshly high costs. The repair specialist explains the billing in fantastic detail. It still didn’t make sense to me. The guy was there for 15 minutes and he wanted myself and others to pay him $200. I was ready to throw the guy out of our apartment when I realized that the cost also included installation of a brand-new programmable control unit. I did not feel that the bill included a current control unit. After I realized that the bill was not as crazy as I thought, I agreed to the fees and the Heating plus A/C specialist got started on the work. He was still finished in 30 or 40 minutes, however I didn’t feel exhausting about paying the repair repair bill when he was done.

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