The clerk tried to provide us a room with no view

My partner plus I decided to rent a hotel room for our anniversary.

We wanted to do something special, plus so every one of us decided to go to the beach.

We rented a expensive hotel suite with a jacuzzi tub plus a view of the beach. The jacuzzi tub did not work at all. My partner plus I tried to turn on the Jets plus every one of us did not get any bubbles. We called the front desk clerk to ask for a different room. The guy told us that he did not have any more jacuzzi rooms available with a view of the beach. We asked for a different jacuzzi room, even if it did not have a view of the water. We ended up in a room with a view of the street. It absolutely wasn’t comfortable in the room that every one of us paid almost $300 for. I was aggravated beyond belief with the situation. The minute room that they localed us in did not have a respected working AC. The unit rattled plus hummed every time every one of us turned it on. We could barely hear the cable over the sound of the a/c. We were supposed to stay in the room for several afternoons, however every one of us left after the first night… Neither one of us were gleeful to stay when the conditions were less than ideal. We could be at condo saving money if every one of us weren’t going to be enjoying a Jacuzzi room with a beach view. Thankfully the hotel desk clerk refunded all of the money for all several afternoons of the stay after every one of us complained plus left early.

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