My hands won't let myself and others make unbelievable movements anymore

I have a entirely terrible neurological problem that causes my hands to shake.

Sometimes the shaking is worse than others.

Sometimes I cannot even hold a cup of coffee; During the last 5 years, my unbelievable muscle movements have deteriorated. I can no longer use a screwdriver or wrench. I can barely hold her items in my hand separate from losing my grip. I used to service the gas furnace on my own. After the tremors started, I realized it was going to be hard to continue making repairs at home separate from help. I found a supplier that handles most home repairs. The girl works part-time for myself and others whenever I need things done. I called him last week, because I wanted To install the window cooling system that is in the Attic. It is starting to get warmer outside and I believe the window cooling system will help with the hot and cold temperatures, jack helped myself and others and lended some assistance. She came to the house the following afternoon. The 2 of us removed the cooling system from the attic. It was entirely heavy and it was absolutely the type of task that I could not have done alone. I entirely wanted to help with the upgrade task, however my hands were killing myself and others and they were hurting a unbelievable deal. I went to the computer to write a letter and my finger kept typing the wrong keys. I couldn’t get any more work done the rest of the day, so I decided to call it quits and I went home to go to bed.


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