Is it possible to have three HVAC techs and three HVAC companies in the family?

There has always been competition in our family. There were four of us in our family, and we were the only set of quadruplets in the city. We were all identical in nearly every way. We were highly competitive, but not with other people. We were competitive amongst ourselves. If one got into a sport, we all got into the same sport, and we tried to best each other. With classwork, we were constantly competing to see who would get the best grades. It was no different after we graduated from high school. When my oldest brother (there were only 10 minutes between all four of us) decided he wanted to go to HVAC technical school, the other three of us made the same decision. Mom and dad should’ve expected this, but their minds were reeling. Dad knew how competitive we were, and he was already wondering how he was going to stop the arguments and anger that were going to ensue. He could already see each one of us trying to be the best HVAC technician there was. He could see the four of us trying to see who would be the first one to have an HVAC company of their own. Our youngest brother, halfway through classes, decided that he wasn’t so sure he wanted to be an HVAC technician. He quietly told my mom and dad that he wanted to go to college and learn how to do website development. He was sure that if the other three of us were ever going to have a successful HVAC company, they would need him to get the company up, running, and successful.


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