The boiler was a much better heater

My family used to have a boiler system and it was great.

The big old boiler could heat the entire house without a hitch.

It would take myabel ten minutes to make the entire house a nicely even temperature. The boiler also could be hooked up to a lot of things. We used the boiler to heat our family’s water source. We also could have used the boiler as a pool heater, for a hot tub, towel rack warmer or even a snowmelt system. We just kept a basic heating function however. After the boiler finally died my mother replaced it with a gas fireplace. That wasn’t even a close substitution. A gas fireplace is pitiful when it comes to heating power. Also, the fireplace had to sit in the middle of our living room rather than the basement. So that meant we lost a whole bunch of space for a not attractive heating system. My mother tried to get a good looking one. It had a wooden leg and mantal. There was a glass plate front showcases a faux wood fire. It just wasn’t that great of a piece of equipment though. You also had to be careful not to touch the glass front since it got so hot. It would be like lava touching your skin if you brushed against it. The fireplace wasn’t even that good at heating. We had to get a supplemental heater in the kitchen and a heating system for the upstairs as well. Nothing was as good as the boiler system.


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