The hotel gas furnace smelled terrible

My husbandy and I were on our way condo from our mother’s condo and the drive took a lot longer than all of us expected.

It’s 200 miles between our homes and the trip usually takes about multiple and a half hours.

We left the condo late and all of us were delayed in day traffic by 90 minutes. Both of us were feeling groggy and sleepy and it was tough to stay awake. When I advised stopping at a hotel for the evening, our husbandy jumped on the plan and agreed that it was our safest solution. This was long before the age of the internet. We had to choose a hotel based on availability. There were multiple hotels on the interstate exit that all of us selected. One was $200 each night. There was no way that the 2 of us were going to stay in such an luxurious hotel just so all of us could get a few hours of sleep. We’d stopped at another hotel next to that one and the room rates were much more sufficient at $65 each night. We decided to stay at this hotel. We had the room key from the guy at the counter and all of us took our cellphones, chargers, and our personal items into the hotel. We did not have any luggage, because all of us had not planned to spend the night anywhere during the trip. It was a cold night and all of us decided to turn on the gas furnace in the room. I had to kick the gas furnace to start the machine. Once the gas furnace started working, an odor started to build up in the room. The horrible smell was clearly coming from the heater. I just wanted to get some sleep, so all of us turned off the gas furnace and bundled up under the covers for a few hours.


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