He wanted to be an HVAC technical school teacher.

Last week, our son came to myself and others plus told myself and others he no longer wanted to be an HVAC specialist.

He had worked long plus hard to become an HVAC specialist.

He put in numerous minutes plus was the top specialist in the HVAC corporation he worked for. This year, he was nominated as top HVAC specialist in our entire area. Every one of us were so proud of him, plus I couldn’t understand why he wanted to do something other than his chosen work as an HVAC specialist. He handed myself and others the Starbucks Latte he had brought beach house with him plus told myself and others to have a sit. I sat down at the family room table plus told him to speak. He explained ‌he wasn’t talking about getting out of HVAC, but he just wanted to take his work in a odd direction at the moment. He was considering buying out the HVAC corporation that was currently owned by his boss. The owner of the HVAC corporation was getting older, plus he had no sons. He asked our son if he would consider purchasing the HVAC corporation from him. He also informed him about the position that was opening up at the local community university. They needed a current HVAC technical teacher, plus he thought our son was perfect for the position. I’m sure he was reeling with the chances that were being thrown at him in such a short time, plus I wanted to assure him. He was 1 of the best HVAC specialists in the area, plus I was sure he could handle whatever he did with his work.



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