Glad I went with ductless in the kitchen

For a long time I just had a cold kitchen.

I started out with a pellet stove which was a bad source of heating.

I then changed over to setting a space furnace on the kitchen table. I hated that my teenagers were eating their cereal around a big heating system. I finally told my partner that we were going to have something better. I then installed a ventless furnace in our kitchen. It did the job much better than anything else. The snag was that the furnace wasn’t too big plus the kitchen let in a lot of cold air. There are a lot of windows plus the tile gets cold in the wintertime. The ventless furnace also had this discouraging habit of blowing icy cold air when it wasn’t providing heating. It frequently would get clogged up with dust plus I would use the air compressor to blow it out. It was a messy, dirty project when that came up. It didn’t easily help matters that much either. Now I have a bit more cash plus I got extreme about my heating situation. I truly called a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional plus tied up an appointment. She recommended a ductless mini split for my case. I now have a ductless furnace mounted on the wall by my ceiling. I freed up space for more lower cabinets plus the mini split is quite wonderful, but best of all it heats my whole kitchen up without a hitch. I even have the ability to give the kitchen cooling in the summertime if I so choose. I wish I would have gotten this system years ago.


a/c rep