I found an ancient sock plus a hand towel in the living room vent

I found a sock, many toys, plus even an ancient empty can of pop inside of the event

When I moved into our rental house, the refrigerator plus freezer were already set up in the living room. I didn’t transfer the unit for more than five months plus then I decided to disinfect behind the refrigerator when 1 of our kids spilled a drink on the floor. My guy moved the refrigerator for me, because it was heavy. As soon as he moved the refrigerator, I saw a vent in the wall. When the refrigerator was removed completely, it was self-explanatory to see that the event behind the refrigerator was an intake vent, however since all of us moved into the house, all of us had many troubles with the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. The people I was with and I had disappointing airflow plus troubles with some rooms being cooler than others. A jammed intake air vent will cause all of these troubles. There was a ton of dust plus dirt on the air vent. To make things even worse, there was a ton of dog hair all over the intake vent plus our family plus I do not have any dogs. That dirt must have been there from the previous spouse tenant. That means that the owner of the home never officially cleaned the living room before I moved onto the property. I really started to wonder how well the rest of the house had been cleaned. I sent the landlord an text plus a couple of pictures of the intake vent. I found a sock, many toys, plus even an ancient empty can of pop inside of the event. It clearly had not been cleaned in many years. The response from our landlord was nothing more than a self-explanatory thank you for cleaning up the mess.
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