I found a pretty unbelievable guy that is smart and funny

One of our friends recommended a dating service and I was hesitant to set up an online profile.

I was sad that I would run into a crazy stalker or a serial killer.

My friend told me that I watch too multiple mystery and horror films. He helped me set up a profile one night when all of us were hanging out at our apartment. I got more than a dozen hits in the first eight hours. One of the men had a legitimately cute profile picture. He had a pet in the picture with him and the pet was just as cute as the guy. I messaged him and all of us struck up a conversation about the pet. We had a pretty nice talk online and all of us also talked on the cellphone for a bit. We had a lot of things in common. I decided to meet the guy named Jack at a pop diner. His picture was spot-on. He legitimately did not make any changes to make his appearance look any different. Of course, he did not need to do that, because he was handsome. The 2 of us talked at the pop condo for a while! Jack was smart and funny. He told me that he was working full-time as a repairman. When I mentioned an issue with our at home, Jack was more than willing to go back to our condo to look at the problem. I thought it was a sweet offer, but I did not accept. I had just met the guy and I did not think it was safe to have him come back to our apartment. Even if he was an authorized repairman, I still thought it was better to have the toil done during the day.


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