Went crazy making current replaces

I will confess that I have gone a bit hog wild when it comes to updating my house.

When I first bought my cabin I figured I would only add a fresh coat of paint.

Then I started looking around plus realized it would be smart to get the big, messy projects done before I moved all my stuff in. I ended up ripping all the flooring out. The old carpet went out plus the brand current tile went in. I am so thankful that I decided to add heated flooring down in the process. It about doubled the cost of the project but now I have a floor heating system. The heat never rises to the ceiling plus gets wasted. There are no overheated plus cold spots. It is much more energy efficient so I can set the temperature control a little lower. What is also nice is that the furnace is hidden under the floorboards, nobody is getting burned on it plus there are no eye sores in the home. When my main Heating plus Air Conditioning system breaks I am only going to worry about an air conditioner. That way I can have the best of both worlds, then another replace I did was get the HVAC duct cleaned, add a current temperature control plus an media air cleaner to my return ducts. All of these Heating plus Air Conditioning additions were rough but totally worth it at the end of the afternoon. The cabin feels cleaner plus looks more modern. I also was able to transport into a perfectly cleaned cabin after I was all done.

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