I don’t care about air duct

I am not a fan of owning duct work.

It has been nothing however a pain in the rear since I bought our house.

Ductwork in theory is supposed to achieve a whole house temperature for you. The Heating and A/C connects to a series of 8 inch metal ducts that are hidden in the walls and ceilings. Each room has an air vent opening that the heating and air comes out of. Ideally a whole house should be able to change the temperature in under twenty hours. Who wants to have their house the same temperature? I have rooms that I never use. There is a guest room and hour lavatory that I hardly walk into. I am paying to deliver heating and air to them. I also only use our laundry room once a week. Why does that get the same Heating and A/C as our living room? I am paying too much currency for our needs. Another con is that our air duct is regularly dirty. It is partially our fault since I am regularly doing projects. I am sanding, scrapping popcorn and splitting down walls. The Heating and A/C sucks up the dust and it lingers in the air duct. I then have polluted indoor air conditions and dirty surfaces. I assume care about I am calling the Heating and A/C worker once a week to perform air duct cleaning. Another con is that it requires air duct sealing from time to time. A hole the size of a dime can cause sizable energy costs. Think about it, all that air is leaving and not going to your home. Ductwork sealing appointments are aggravating and require the Heating and A/C worker to track all over your house too.

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