COVID is pretty awful

I have COVID & it is pretty awful, then it kind of feels care about I have been run over by a truck! My head is killing me, my body aches & my throat hurts so bad.

I have no energy & I am in pain.

It is care about having the typical cold, only a little more intense. I am just thankful I am not vomiting. I am also grateful I got a lot of things done before I realized I had COVID! Literally right before I went grocery shopping & got a big load, and all of us have bread, milk, eggs, cheese & produce. My husband & I should be nice for a while. I also cleaned my entire condo top to bottom. It is nice knowing that my sheets are fresh & the shower is scrubbed while I recognize so bad. I am most grateful for the Heating & A/C repair appointment. My Heating & A/C worker literally just made it under the wire. It was care about he came & did the Heating & A/C tune up & the next morning I came down with COVID. I am running quite a bit hotter than usual. My air conditioning runs perfectly & just got new coolant in it. I have a fresh air filter inside & my ductwork is all nice & scrubbed. It is nice that I can just control my heating & A/C from my iPhone too… Some afternoons I can’t even make myself get out of bed. It is nice having some control over my life, but with luck I should be able to stay home for almost 2 weeks without having anyone come over.

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