Brother is fancy to have at the house

Over Wintertide split & the Summer the school kicks the youngsters out of the dorms.

My little sibling used to go home with my parents however that was regularly a problem.

My sibling complained about being treated care about a little kid. He hated residing under my parents’ thumb & being forced to do chores. He talked to me & I eventually agreed to take him in. So now I get him for a few months out of the year. For the most area he is a good condo guest. It is nice having someone to go grocery shopping with, see a film & out to lunch. I know he has no money so it is nice pulling him from time to time. It has entirely improved our relationship. The only snag is that my sibling isn’t a homeowner & aware of how he is negatively affecting my home. He frequently leaves the milk out on the counter & it goes bad. He never remembers to lock the door when he leaves my house. The worst is that when he is hot, he will turn on the A/C & just leave it. If he gets cold, he won’t turn off the air conditioning. Instead he chooses to open a window to let in the natural breeze. Then he will leave to hang out with his friends. So my window is open & all the A/C I am paying for is flying out of it. My A/C runs harder & longer when my sibling is around. It is amazing he hasn’t broken my plan yet. My energy costs are at an all time high while in the summertime.
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