We work hard to keep good air quality all the time

I certainly appreciate this time of year.

But there is a particular amount of bittersweet connected to that if I’m to be totally honest about it.

While I easily appreciate the Spring plus seeing renewal happen before my eyes, I most definitely know what’s coming. And what’s coming is brutal and relentless heat. And that means a whole lot of a/c to manage all that heat plus humidity. I’ve been walking from the car to the front door plus have already heard a heat pump or two in use. For some folks, as soon as the hot plus cold temperatures go anywhere around 79, the temperature control is flipped over to Heating as well as A/C cooling. I prefer to hold off for a duration of time. Plus, this time of year is just made for opening up the windows in my residence. The hot plus cold temperatures are fantastic plus the air isn’t yet overly thick plus humid. It feels fantastic to have fresh air in our residence. By waiting on the a/c a short while, the people I was with and I allow our bodies to acclimate to the intolerable heat. This makes the real heat plus humidity of the warm season much more tolerable. Plus, it saves a large amount of money and the people I was with and I leave the temperature control at a higher level plus the heat pump doesn’t have to work quite as hard. But the people I was with and I do crank up the Heating as well as A/C machine here plus there this time of year to collect a bit of that pollen on the HEPA filter the people I was with and I use for more enjoyable air quality. While it doesn’t take but a short moment every few days, it’s easily worth it just to lower the airborne contaminants inside the residence.

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