Air purifier provides best possible respiratory health

Sometimes when you run too hard for too long, there are some bills to pay.

  • The bill came due for me just before the pandemic set in so at least I had a headstart toward better health.

Still, my body just finally an flatly rejected my lifestyle. The days of hanging out in my recliner with the air conditioning on full blast drew to a close. There were no more late nights with a foot long sub and a full bag a chips. And the six pack I used to wash them down was also gone. All of that was replaced with healthier decisions because I was in bad shape. My health was teetering on a downward spiral if I didn’t change it. And 52 is too young to forfeit health for appetites. So I started by getting out of the air conditioning that I love. I work inside an office with zone controlled HVAC but I jump out of that heating and cooling at lunch. I’d bring my lunch, take a 20 minute walk and find a nice spot to eat then walk back into that zone controlled HVAC. Same thing at home, instead of hitting the recliner and cranking the thermostat, I changed my clothes and took a walk. Those two changes precipitated many others. And when the pandemic was in full swing, I was ready to improve my respiratory health and strengthen my immune response. I did that with the best indoor air quality I could find. And I managed that when the HVAC company installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC equipment. Now, I’m close to being in the best shape of my life believe it or not. And I’m not missing those foot longs and six packs as much as I thought I would.


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