The space heater kept us warm through the winter

My whole life I have lived in a cold climate.

  • I grew up here in the cold and wintery north and so you would think that with me living here for close to 30 years that I would long be used to it by now.

Unfortunately this is not the case, I suppose you could say that when it comes to the cold I just don’t have the thickest skin. Anybody that lives in the cold like this knows that it is very important to be well prepared when it comes to your heating system, and I am no exception to this, I have an excellent electric furnace heater that always keeps me nice and warm through the cold and frosty months of the year. My heater has been servicing me and providing me with warm heat for over ten years now, and I always make sure that I take good care of it. I regularly provide it with maintenance and all the heating and cooling tune-ups it needs. However, this winter my furnace treated me a little bit differently, I was sitting in my nice and cozy home passing some free time by watching some reruns of my favorite TV shows, when all of the sudden the house started to feel cold. I was surprised and as a result I got up to check the thermostat to see if it was working correctly, but it wouldn’t respond. It was at this moment that I knew something was wrong and the house was quickly cooling down. Luckily I had an emergency space heater and I quickly got it out and plugged it in. The space heater kept me warm and stopped me from freezing until the HVAC professionals could make their way out here.

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