It is good to see representation in the roofing industry

I work for a medium-sized construction company.

At our highest, we had around 600 employees on board.

This was a few years ago when construction was booming but now because of the pandemic we have scaled down our crew a lot. Things are getting better now so we are ramping up again and we have a few major projects that we are executing right now. One of which is a new residential subdivision that we are building here in town. I work in the office, but once in a while, I get to visit our local job sites. I enjoy seeing the sites prior to construction and then seeing the finished project. Last week, I had to drop off some drawings to one of our Superintendents that he left in my office by mistake. While on the jobsite I saw a woman who was wearing her full PPE and was standing next to a truck that had a roofing contractor branded on it. I found out that she is the licensed roofing contractor for this project, and that made me feel great to see women being represented in the roofing business. That is not something that is common on construction sites where I live, so I was curious and did some research. I discovered that women make up less than 1% of the roofing industry. I was shocked to see that the number was so low, but I also found that 9% of women are roofing contractors. It’s good to have representation in the roofing industry and there are support groups for women who are interested in pursuing a career in roofing.


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