Geo heat pump is our last HVAC unit

When we built this house, we wanted it to be the last home we built. We’d been living in a condo for a few years since we sold the family home. Selling that big house was important but it was such a hard thing to do. It was tough physically and logistically with all the improvement projects. We upgraded stuff like the HVAC equipment, the kitchen and other area the realtor suggested that we pay attention to. But I think it was even more tough emotionally for me. It was so, so tough to say goodbye to the place where we had raised a great family. There were so many memories. Shoot, I was sad just saying goodbye to the old HVAC unit. Yet, that house wasn’t sustainable for just my wife and I and it really needed a family. I’m so glad that the new owners are a young couple with a growing family. Once we got in the condo, we had time to figure out what our next move would be. And we decided against moving down south to all that air conditioning and sunshine. Instead, we’d stay local but on a piece of property in a small custom home. And we got just that. Our new place is awesome and we loved being a part of the design. Our quality heating and air comes from a geothermal heat pump. Not only is it the most efficient and cost effective heating and cooling, this HVAC unit will probably outlive us. We’re going to benefit from the cost savings that come from the geo heat pump for more than 30 years no problem.

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