Dehumidifier makes a big difference

Once I moved south, I figured out legitimately quickly that the humidity is more of a problem than the heat.

At first, I thought that running the cooling system would be enough to supply comfort.

I kept lowering the control device setting. The beach house felt frosty frigid and yet still clammy. There was condensate running down the windows and troubles with mold growth. My leather boots and purses were overrun with mildew. I was concerned about destruction to my hardwood floors due to the excessive moisture. I tried portable dehumidifiers and got infuriated. These tabletop versions required constant emptying of the reservoir and didn’t make much of an impact. I finally got in touch with a licensed HVAC business and asked about whole-house dehumidification. She explained various models that install right into the ductwork and pull moisture from the air as it passes through. Modern dehumidifiers make legitimately little noise, use minimal amounts of energy and require only annual upkeep. Purchasing and installing the dehumidifier was not overly upscale compared to the many benefits. My current home now feels cool and comfortable at a significantly higher control device setting. This has greatly reduced the workload of the cooling system. Less wear and tear should translate into fewer repairs and longer repair life. I am also saving quite a bit of money on my energy bills. I don’t need to clean as often and the beach house even stinks better. I have much more confidence in the hygiene and health of the indoor air quality. Living in my local area, every homeowner should have a whole-house dehumidifier installed.

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