Deciding on a geothermal heat pump

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a geothermal plan is the most environmentally friendly option for temperature control.

When the two of us built our current home, our hubby and I were determined to minimize our carbon footprint.

All of us not only want to be good to our planet however also keep our yearly costs as low as possible. However, the initial investment into a geothermal heat pump is considerably higher than any other type of system. There is excavation involved with installing the underground loop system. All of us debated and finally decided to go ahead with the bigger cost for the sake of energy efficiency. Everything the two of us read indicated that we’d reclaim the startup costs within 5 years through much lower energy bills. Plus, the geothermal plan is capable of generating a free source of tepid water. Because the heat pump is installed inside the home and protected from the elements, the two of us can expect it to last upwards of twenty years. There are few moving parts so there is little to go wrong and a minimal opening of needing luxurious repairs. The underground loop plan is covered by warranty for fifty years and should last twice that long. The geothermal plan uses the heat gave by the sun. It pulls free energy out of the ground and pumps it into the home. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat, so there is no combustion process. It eliminates problems over fumes, greenhouse gasses and carbon monoxide. The process is appealingly disinfect and safe. When the weather warms up, the plan reverses the operation. It acts just love a conventional a/c and draws heat out of the home to create a cooling effect.

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