Unhappy with heating and cooling at grocery store

I absolutely dread going grocery shopping.

  • I procrastinate over the task for as long as possible.

I order as much as I can online and have the items delivered to my door. Because of my location, I’m unable to have any perishables delivered. I eventually need to make the 35 minute drive to the grocery store to purchase meat, cheese, bread, yogurt, fresh fruit, vegetables and frozen items. Between the drive, the actual shopping, unloading and putting the items away, getting groceries is severely time-consuming. It’s also absolutely unpleasant. When the outside temperature is in the upper eighties, I wear shorts, tanks and sandals. However, I need to remember to bring a jacket to the grocery store because of the air conditioning. The cooling system is always blasting at maximum capacity. There is no escaping the influx of frosty frigid air from overhead vents in every aisle. I shiver the entire time. I tend to rush through the store and end up forgetting items or buying the wrong thing. In the winter, when the outside temperature falls below frosty and there’s several feet of snow on the ground, I bundle up in a wool coat, jackets and heavy boots. I then step inside the grocery store and beginning to sweat. The overuse of the heating system is just terrible. I linger in the frozen food aisles, hoping to cool off a bit. No matter what the weather does, the grocery store is uncomfortable. Whoever is in charge of the control device is doing a awful task. I can’t imagine the cost of heating and cooling that large store to such extreme un-even temperatures. Plus, they play country rock n roll over the speakers. It’s torture.

help with indoor comfort