Ductless plan is ideal for workshed

I care about creating custom furniture.

It started out as a hobby however has turned into a lucrative side-business.

Word-of-mouth has brought myself and others purchasers and a steady list of jobs to complete. I get orders for kitchen tables and chairs, rocking chairs, cribs, dressers, end tables and vanities. To be able to toil on our projects without creating a mess in the house, I built a shed in the backyard. I equipped the shed with electricity and lights. I also needed to figure out some type of temperature control. The weather in our local section is quite extreme. In order to be able to utilize the shed year round, both heating and cooling were necessary. I hoped to find a plan that wouldn’t take up a wonderful deal of space or cost a lot of money. However, it needed to be powerful enough to handle temperatures below frigid and up into the high eighties. I consulted with an Heating and A/C professional who recommended a ductless mini split. The ductless plan turned out to be ideal for our needs. The unit is appealingly compact and consists of an outdoor compressor connected by way of a conduit to an indoor air handler. The set up required nothing more than access to electricity, mounting capabilities and a several-inch hole through the wall. There is an indoor air handler mounted up high on the wall that provides both heating and cooling. I’m able to operate the ductless plan through an app on our phone, allowing myself and others to start it up shortly before I head to the shed. Within seconds, our workspace is at the perfect temperature. The ductless mini cut operates quietly, effectively filters contaminants out of the air and is exceptionally energy efficient. My operational costs are absolutely low.

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