Can’t imagine a summer time without HVAC cooling

It’s coming soon but I’m just focused on how perfect it is outside right now.

Of course, I’m referencing the heat.

When you live where I do, the heat season is never too far from one’s consciousness. Our summers are nothing short of a wet broiler. The levels of heat & humidity are insane. I’m a native & while I can deal with the heat okay, I sure love to be inside the air conditioner when the peak heating hours arrive. Getting outside is a big area of my life & that is a big area of enjoying this region. Our weather is just about perfect for 8 months of the year. And so I’m outside doing my thing as much or whenever I want while in those 8 months. But once the heat fully settles in about June, I have to get outside early if I’m getting outside at all. I’m constantly apartment by noon & inside the HVAC cooling until the sunshine is low on the horizon. That’s the point that I can venture back out for a meander in the evening. But I guess about what it must have been love way back for love my Grandparents. They lived without the heat pump or any other sort of residential HVAC. Once the peak heating hours hit, there wasn’t much to do but stay still & hope for a breeze. I try to remember that when I’m whining along about July about just how boiling it is. Of course, I’m whining about the heat while I love current HVAC technology inside cool crisp air conditioner in my house.

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